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… for you, your staff, and clients

A special inclusion in a selection of our products, Buyers Advantage gives you the ability to:

1SAVE ON PERSONAL (AND STAFF) NEEDS – you can buy any of the 20+ products in the program at WHOLESALE PRICE  (i.e. up to 50% of the normal price) 24/7, 365 days of the year. There is no waiting for a promotion to get them at a discounted rate and there are NO minimum orders or pre-ordering involved.

2BUILD – OR EXPAND – YOUR OWN BENEFITS / MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM – simply add some or all of the products in this program alongside existing content in your current membership program to give your members more options. You can handle transactions directly – i.e. order on their behalf – or refer them to this website via an affiliate link.

3EXPAND YOUR ONLINE AND OFFLINE INCOME STREAMS – if you wish, you can market the products / services in this program both online and offline. With offline marketing, you buy at “wholesale price” when you have a need and add on whatever margin you wish.  If you prefer to market online, then simply use the affiliate links provided.

With Buyers Advantage, you can:



#1: Purchase Products at “Wholesale Price”

Wholesale Price is up to 50% less than normal list price 

If you on-sell, the difference between your Buy Price and your Sell Price is all yours

(Order links for all products are available in your Member Area.)

You can buy any of these products for personal use or for others. 

#2: Enjoy Special Reports and Deals from 3rd Parties

These are special offers which we have negotiated on behalf of our clients.

Currently includes the following with more on the way.

  • FREE Holidays:  Get a 7 night stay at one of three premier Resorts in Phuket, Thailand for FREE – and save up to US$1,000. Availability is limited and qualifications apply. Full details are in your Member Area.
  • Real Estate Advertising Tips: A special eBook with hundreds of sample real estate adverts to help you create ads.  A special 40% off discount coupon is provided.
  • Special Reports: Includes the complete Manila Assist module from our “Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy” program

Easy to use – no technical know-how required

  • Simply login to your Member Area, go to Buyers Advantage and click on the order link for the product you wish to purchase.
  • Place your order and within minutes you will have access to your purchase in your Member Area.
  • The savings are instant as you have just bought at the best possible rate.
  • You can use this program over and over again. There are no limits.

(Order processes and other requirements are explained in your Member Area.)

Get Started for as little as US$117 

Many organizations charge an annual fee for access to a facility like this. With Buyers Advantage, there is NO extra cost involved when you purchase any one of the following products…

(Click on image to view product)

osbc-logoPrice: US$197

Money Making EssentialsPrice: US$397

 outsourcing-to-the=philippines-made-easy-180pxPrice: US$247

mtt-logoPrice: US$127

 rwm-200pxPrice: US$147

 Winning-Life-Skills-200pxPrice: US$247

CPM-downloadPrice: US$117

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