Internet Tools

The following are some of the Internet Tools we use in our online operations:

Cloak and Tracker

[Online Marketing]

A product we use almost everyday, this desktop-based product gives you total control of all your affiliate, eBook, and other online links to ensure they are always active.

With this tool, you can personalize your links anyway you wish: Example:


It is available for purchase on its own or as an inclusion in More Than Templates.

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[Website Content]

A website content solution delivered in the form of a 18 page “ready-to-go” monetized website which you can load up on your own domain in less than 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can copy the content and place it on another website or Blog or use it to activate a dormant domain.

Content is the most expensive part of a website. More Than Templates gets you started fast …and will save you a bundle!

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More Tools

The following – plus more Internet related resources – are all available within the Wealth Traders  Resource Library.

If you already have access to the Wealth Traders Buyer Advantage Program you can purchase the below (and the above) separately at 50% of normal rate.

Products marked with an ** can be purchased separately.