Self Improvement

The following self improvement / personal development programs are “starting points” for building your business and personal results.

Some of these products are also available (as inclusions) in the Business Training products we provide.


Discover the ONLY sure fire way to achieve whatever you want.

Includes: Dr. Robert Anthony’s powerful KNOW HOW TO BE RICH audio course (6 x audios) and his Total Success Library … PLUS a further 35 eBooks from the Wealth Traders Resource Library.

See comparison with our other training programs below.

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Powerful audios from Dr. Bruce Kaloski addressing key life skills. They include:

  • The Power of Passion
  • The Art of Influence
  • Seven Steps to Magnificent Motivation
  • Warp Speed to Success
  • 12 Weeks To Unlimited Charisma and Personal Magnetism

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Looking for a new job or to do some offshore travel? Then you need to be able to learn any language fast…

This program provides dazzling mind tricks and memory techniques for learning how to speak any foreign language FAST!

Full program includes:

  • 2 x eBooks
  • 1 x audio.

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The Hidden Power Of Setting Goals

Unleash The Hidden Power Of Setting Goals … Find out how you can set goals as easily as you make wishes, and watch with wonder as you realize your wishes come true, one by one.

Format: 35 page eBook.

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