This User Guide has been designed for people with limited knowledge of Affiliate systems / marketing.

It’s objective is to help you understand how to use the Wealth Traders Affiliate Program management console only – i.e. it is not an Affiliate Marketing training program although it is full of tips you will find useful.

You can progress through this Guide via the links at the bottom. Alternatively, use the Menu links to the right to go to a specific section.

[Please contact us if you need any assistance.]

Username vs Member ID


  1. Your Username is the unique EMAIL ADDRESS you use to access your Member Area at:
  2. Every Account must have a unique username.
  3. Your Username is used for login and communication purposes only. It is NOT used anywhere else in the system.

When logging in to the Affiliate Panel, you will need to state your unique Password.

You will need to specify the Password of your choice at sign-up stage … and can modify it at any time in the future through your Profile settings within the management control panel.

There is no limit on the number of characters you can use for your password. Make it unique – i.e. do NOT use the same term as your Member ID.

Member ID:

This is a unique identifier used in:-

  • ALL Tracking Links
  • Your Tree of Sub-Affiliates (see “Reports”)

A few things about your Member ID:

  • It must be a maximum of 20 characters.
  • It cannot contain spaces or other characters (e.g. / or *) as tracking will not work.
  • It cannot be changed by you …so please choose carefully.
  • Please notify us within 24 hours of signup if you wish to change this. This notification must be in writing … and is a one-time exercise only.

Your Member ID appears in all links throughout our system.

Note: The items listed throughout this Guide use a Member ID of subs10. This is a demo Member ID.  It is NOT your Member ID.

Forgot your Password?

Please click on the Forgot Password link on our LOGIN and AFFILIATES pages to establish a new password.

login screen

You can establish a new password at any time with the Forgot Your Password facility you access here.

However, you must know / remember your email address … and that email address must be active so you receive the new password notification / link.

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