Money Matters and Investments

When investing your money,there is a constant bombardment, a million sources, and an endless stream on what’s best to buy yesterday, today and tomorrow. Little wonder there is widespread confusion, suspicion, and resistance to placing money with one of hundreds of choices. At the end of the day, we all crave for that safe ‘quick fix’ and a guaranteed instant fat profit…

Investing: Assessing Risk

Every time we cross the road there is risk, and it deepens the wider the divide between now and reaching the other side. A brightly lit side street is a breeze, but crossing the south super highway at 10 am on a hot sticky day is no mean task. It is no different when interpolating the chances of making an investment…

A Menu of Financial Choice

The Aperitif $ When aged 20s to 30 – Wine and Dine now and live life to the full!
The Entrée $$ Aged 31 to 40 – A little less of the Booze and an occasional Cruise…save for a future
Main Course $$$ “Work Free” (at age 45) wining and dining with clients that fuel a Passion…lots of cash in the bank, and fund purchases too!