Bruce Currran is a private portfolio manager for 20 years in Asia, having lived 10 years in Hong Kong as a Director of the Swire Group (Cathay Pacific),and subsequently for 10 years in The Philippines because of its much more laid-back lifestyle. Bruce was a columnist for Business World for 3 years, has written articles and interview profiles for The Philippine Tatler, Mabuhay magazine, Action Asia and others, and has even been quoted in TIME magazine on stock market activities in New York (but is not sure if that is a good thing!). He has authored seven (7) books and has more in the pipeline. Bruce can be contacted at

A Menu of Financial Choice

The Aperitif $ When aged 20s to 30 – Wine and Dine now and live life to the full!
The Entrée $$ Aged 31 to 40 – A little less of the Booze and an occasional Cruise…save for a future
Main Course $$$ “Work Free” (at age 45) wining and dining with clients that fuel a Passion…lots of cash in the bank, and fund purchases too!