Now deceased, James Thornton was regarded by many as the godfather of direct marketing in Asia. He started his career in the 1970's as a user of direct mail. In 1983, he founded Mailings Lists Asia (MLA) and subsequently established and ran multiple direct marketing businesses. James held many industry roles over the years - within the DMA (USA), the HKDMA (Hong Kong) and various postal groups. His contribution to the growth of the direct marketing industry was recognized through induction to the DMA's International Hall of Fame.

The Postal Industry In Danger!

The sheer volume of deceptive, misleading and fraudulent direct mail is escalating in international markets. It is hard enough dealing with spam and scam online. Deceptive mail poisons and contaminates the mail moment that households used to enjoy every day. Real “junk” is now rapidly taking over the postal experience in many countries.