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Got Questions? The following frequently asked questions (faqs) about the Money Making Essentials program may help…


Is this a new and un-tried program?
All inclusions in Money Making Essentials have been available for some time. In fact, thousands have already purchased components separately through WealthTraders.com for some time. Buyers have come from all corners of the globe – the US, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK just to name a few.
Can I purchase individual components separately?
Yes, you can buy individual products separately if you do not want or need this big product. Click here to view a list of all of the products available to you through WealthTraders.com. Money Making Essentials is by far the best value of all of our products.
Why do you call it a Business Toolkit rather than a Business Opportunity?
The term “business opportunity” implies that it is a product which you can make money with. Now you can do that with this product. However, it goes way beyond that as it also gives you tools for achieving savings, even re-structuring and streamlining operations. A Toolkit is a much more appropriate description. 
What differentiates this from other products out there?

1.) It provides the types of tools EVERY business should have ready access to so that you can move quickly and cost effectively when needs arise. If you aren’t properly equipped, then you will be paying a lot more. For Example:  ask around and find out how much you will need to pay for an 18 page website (most likely $1,500+) — many quality writers will charge you $250 – $1,000 for just one page of content — sourcing quality outsourcing service providers can cost you thousands as you may need to trial as many as 20 before you find one good one — finding quality distributors / affiliates is an expensive process — etc.

2.) There are three (3) business extension options included – an offline marketing capability via our Buyers Advantage Program which gives you a Holiday program to promote, and a starting point for your own online business via More Than Templates, and the ability to use the outsourcing connections we provide to deliver (and profit) on work you facilitate for your clients. It is hard to find a business nowadays for under $1000. Here you get three PLUS an array of training and other implementation tools … all for a known one-time low cost.

3.) The various products services can be applied to both online and offline needs. Being totally focused on one medium (e.g. the Internet) means you are leaving money on the table. You should not focus solely on one medium unless your business is specific to that medium (e.g. a website building tool). In other words, take a broader perspective of what you do, just as organizations like Apple and Microsoft have done by establishing multi-tier distribution channels (retail, online, distributors) .

Are there specific businesses this is best suited to?
There are some businesses which will benefit more than others, but there is no reason why anyone can’t, as a minimum, get their full investment back in savings alone. Any earnings will be a BONUS! P
Can I onsell my own Membership?
Yes, through Buyers Advantage, you can do so and you get to keep 100% of the price you sell at. To facilitate this, you will need to request assignment of your account to another party. When that request is processed, you will no longer have access to the Member Area. Think carefully about this as part of the benefit of having a program like this is that you will get ongoing access to all updates and additions.

Training / Advisory Programs

What makes your training different?
There are six differences…

1.)  It features contributions by individuals with over 100 years ‘practical” business experience.

2.)  It is a self-study program and therefore you can progress through at your own pace.

3.)  It is suitable for both online and offline businesses.

4.)  It takes a “holistic” approach to what you need to succeed, hence the extra resources provided.

5.)  It ignores fads and gimmicks – because they won’t last or the market moves on.

6.)  It costs a fraction of what others charge for programs of this scope.

Are your coaching / advisory programs an alternative to workshops and seminars?
Whilst this program delivers much more than you will get at most workshops and seminars in terms of both training and implementation tools, workshops and seminars should always be part of your training agenda as well … purely because they provide an opportunity to network on a one-on-one basis in your home region. Ideally, you should be doing both – our coaching program plus local workshops / seminars. 

Always remember that training / learning is an ongoing process and so you should wherever possible get input from as many people / sources as you can.

Can I go through the training materials in less than 40 hours?
It is quite possible to rush through all materials in two to three days. However, to really absorb what is provided, we recommend allocating at least 40 hours, even more. As this is self-paced training, that 40 hours can be performed in whatever time frame suits you. In the case of “Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy”, you can save thousands of dollars by not having to go to the Philippines to learn more.  

Instant Website Content / Website

Are there any restrictions on the web content you provide?
There are no restrictions  – you can place the content on as many “personal” websites and blogs as you wish. Considering that production of quality content normally costs $100+ per page, this represents a big saving for you.
Do I need to be technically oriented to use the More Than Templates website?
Some technical knowledge is ideal if you wish to use the full website engine as a base for a customized website. However, if you simply want to use the content only, then all you need to do is copy and paste the content into whatever website system you use, even a Blog. If you are technically challenged, then establishing a WordPress site may be the best option.
Can I place the website on a sub-domain or in a separate directory?
The objective with what we provide is to give you additional content for your website. Whether this sits on a sub-domain or separate directory is entirely up to you.
Can I add Affiliate offers from other networks (e.g. Clickbank) to the website you provide?
You can add as many products from as many different sources to the website as you wish. What we provide is a starting base. Where you take it is up to you. 
I have many dormant domains. Can I place the website on each of those domains?
Yes you can. However, you should modify the website for each domain so that they are all unique. The easiest option is to place access to the content we provide under a specific menu tab – e.g. Training – rather than using the menu structure we have provided. This gives you ready to go content whilst ensuring the domain remains unique. 
Can I place the content on my Blog?
Yes you can. Just copy and paste the content and use whichever images you deem suitable or alternatively create your own images. In the case of articles, the authorship must always be acknowledged. That cannot be changed. In addition, we recommend you use the nofollow (rel=nofollow) tag for this and similar content you source elsewhere.

Buyers Advantage

What is the main benefit of your BUYERS ADVANTAGE facility?
Quite simply, it gives you the ability to buy additional resources at a lower cost, without waiting for affiliate commissions to flow to you. 

Whether you can use this service as a staff benefit, an incentive, a reward, or to value-add a product, you are buying at a much lower rate and that makes budgeting much easier.

The facility is geared for individual purchases. If you wish to on-sell a product, there is no buying in bulk / minimum orders in advance unlike with many distributor-based programs. You simply buy when you have a need!

Am I restricted on the margins I can apply to the products when I on-sell them?
You can add whatever margin you wish if you purchase through Buyers Advantage. However, please bear in mind that fulfillment will come from Wealth Traders and, since we are totally transparent in what we do, your customers will be able to visibly see what the costs are.

To overcome this, we recommend that the best way to maximize margins is to tie the program in with another product or service where you have some play on margins. In many cases, the main benefit to you won’t be the margin but the ability to differentiate your offering so that you “get the sale”. The very fact that you have a facility like this at your disposal gives you enormous flexibility in preparing innovative sales strategies for your business. 

Affiliate Program

How much can I expect to earn with your Affiliate Program?
This is dependent upon your expertise, the nature of your activities, and effort. Although only a niche affiliate program, the biggest payout WealthTraders.com has made to a single Affiliate for one months sales has been $39,000, there have been several payouts exceeding $20,000 in a given month, and many ‘month-after-month’ payouts of $1,000+. Anything is possible. It’s up to you!