The following are “self-paced” training products focused on building your business know-how and skills:

Featured Product

This special coaching program teaches you the Direct Marketing “Business” Principles so necessary in today’s digital world. It includes:  

  • 47 Guides providing 372 Tips, Tricks and Strategies
  • Multiple Add-on Resources

 Highly recommended for both newbies and experienced online and offline marketers. 

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Comprehensive “Business” Training Products

osbc-logoEstablish a solid foundation for success with this program. Includes:

  • Know How To Be Rich
  • The Real World Marketer
  • Variety of Support Resources

Suitable for both new startups and established businesses.

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Advice and direction on the best way to establish an outsourcing operation in the Philippines. Includes:

  • Twenty three (23) “How To” Guides
  • Offshoring Connect – recommended outsourcing agencies
  • Manila Assist – tips on visiting Manila

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logoRev up your business and income with this powerful collection of money making and saving resources.


  • One Stop Business Coach
  • More Than Templates (See Internet Tools)
  • Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy

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Support Resources and Training

Entrepreneur Disruption

Multiple eBooks which walk you through what is needed to create a new generation business, marketing channels, strategies, and much more.

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Twenty seven (27) Business Agreements which can be easily edited to suit your specific needs.Includes draft agreements for:

  • Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality
  • Heads of Agreement
  • Joint Venture and more 

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Learn how to get, trade and profit with digital currencies which many call “the money of the future”. Includes:

  • 57 page Training Guide
  • 22 page Special Report
  • Mindmap

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