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Business Essentials

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27 Essential Business Agreements at your fingertips. Includes Non-Disclosure, Heads of Agreement, Joint Venture Agreements, Employment Agreements and much more. Provided in Word format for easy modification. [Value: $50.00]

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Described by Napolean Hill as “The best book I have ever read other than my own”, this classic from 1938 walks you through basic sales skills which have never aged presented in a no-hype storyline style.

As sales skills are essential in any business endeavor, this is one eBook you should make time to read.


SPECIAL REPORT: Seven Simple Steps To Highly Profitable Risk Management

With this 19 page Special Report, you will be discover how an investor’s mindset parallels that of a marketer’s mindset in so many ways through principles which apply to both.

As a business person and marketer, you will find the money and risk management tips in this Special Report / Interview invaluable.

eBook Library


Subject Categories: General Business and Marketing — Social Media — Internet Marketing — Network Marketing.

There are forty five (45) eBooks in this Library … and more will be progressively added.

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Website Tools and Resources

Various tools including:



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