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Personal Growth is an ongoing function which everyone needs to place focus on. Unfortunately, it is such a diverse area and, because of time and cost, many people invariably end up overlooking key areas / functions which can be improved.

Our Personal Growth Resource Library gives you a way to address this by providing access to a variety of training resources on multiple areas as detailed below. These are all premier eBook-based training programs, each comprising four (4) separate components:

  • Training Guide
  • Checklist
  • Resource Guide
  • Mindmap
You can purchase these resources individually on this site. However, through the link below, you can now get all of them – plus more – at a fraction of their usual price.

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success habitsDiscover how to redefine success, break free from bad habits, and achieve your full potential

The Organized MindDiscover a step-by-step system for overcoming information overload and always staying organized

Procrastination KillerKiller strategies for killing off procrastination and finally getting things done FAST

Getting Back Time 200 x 180Learn how to design a more productive lifestyle and have more free time


Personal Transformation MasteryA complete 10 part step-by-step plan to transform your life and become a better you

Make It HappenLearn how to fulfill all your goals so you can start living the life of your dreams

Mindset TransformationDiscover a simple way to shift your mindset to attract anything you want in life, anytime you want

NOTE: These are the currently available products in this Library. As we add more, you will get automatic access to them as well.

You can purchase each of the products separately for US$17 each. To get all seven products listed above would cost you US$119.00.

However, when you get this product, you get them all for only US$77.

PLUS, you also receive the following:


Daring-to-Dare combo

One of the biggest things holding many people back from achieving their goals is their aversion to risk.

This 22 page eBook with accompanying 37 minute audio provides an introduction to this important area to help you understand that risk can be a positive thing rather than something to be scared of.

These materials explain:

  • What is Risk?
  • Why Do People Take Risks
  • Why Taking Risks Is Important
  • Leading Names Who Took Risks – and Won
  • How To Be More Daring


(Not available elsewhere on this website)

As mentioned above, with the exception of the Dating to Dare Bonus, you can buy each of the products listed above separately.

However, if you have multiple needs and want to save, then this Resource Library is a great alternative.

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  • All the products listed above
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