Our team comprises the following personnel whose experience covers a diverse range of industry sectors.

George Notaras

George Notaras
Co-founder and Operations Manager, WealthTraders.com

An experienced marketing and operations executive who has been assisting both large and small companies worldwide on a variety of online and offline business and marketing requirements since the 1980’s. He is one of the founders of Wealth Traders.com and the co-author of two significant coaching programs.

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One of the Founders and the current CEO of WealthTraders.com, a seasoned professional with an extensive background in outsourcing, consulting and managing growth businesses.

He was a member of the team which pioneered online services in Australia during the 1980’s long before the Internet as we know it evolved.

In the late 1980’s, as a senior executive with Datamail, he provided services to some of the biggest domestic and international direct marketers in Australia. Subsequently, he became an adviser / consultant to various international direct marketers,not-for-profits, and loyalty programs (for banks and major membership groups).

In the early 2000’s, he moved to Asia to take up an appointment as Executive Director of Asia’s longest established direct marketing services company and worked with the regions major publishers. Today, he mixes outsourcing, consulting and web related activities through WealthTraders.com which he co-foundered in 2003.

Publications: Marketing on the Information Superhighway (1996) and co-author of The Real World Marketer.

Education: Bachelor of Economics from James Cook University in Australia.

Darrell Tuck
Darrell Tuck
Co-founder WealthTraders.com and Director, Wealth Traders Limited

A qualified accountant, Darrell Tuck relocated to the Philippines in 1990 to establish one of the very first offshore outsourcing operations in the country serving the needs of international direct marketers. He exited this operation in 2003 and, whilst no longer the operator of any outsourcing facilities, still provides management and consulting advice (predominantly accounting related) to several offshore companies through Wealth Traders Limited.

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One of the pioneers of the outsourcing sector in the Philippines after establishing call center, data processing and accounting operations in the Philippines during the early 1990’s, operations which became the catalyst for many other marketers choosing the Philippines as an outsourcing center in those formative years of the industry.

Prior to relocating to the Philippines, Darrell was a Senior Partner in Douglas Heck and Burrell, a leading Brisbane (Australia) based accounting firm which, at the time, also managed a major share registry and operated a software development business.

Joe McAleer

Joe McAleer

An accomplished marketer through several senior appointments including a long tenure as VP Marketing with Bank of America, Joe today provides coaching, public relations and event management advice and services to a select group of clients.

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A Consultant / Business Coach with an extensive background, including Vice President Marketing and other various executive positions with Bank of America in New York (his home town), San Francisco Headquarters and Hong Kong; and later Managing Director of Encore Marketing International, a leading direct marketing travel club organization.

He subsequently became a founding partner and President of Storm Communications, an integrated advertising and communications agency, attracting major multinational clients such as Coca Cola, Shell, Honda, Nissan, Foremost Foods and numerous other prominent international companies.

He now focuses on providing Consulting / Business Coaching services to a select group of clients.

He is co-author of The Real World Marketer business coaching program.

Education: Joe has an MBA, Marketing from Fordham University, New York.

Our team is complemented by a number of external consultants and experts that we draw on as necessary.