Outsourcing to the Philippines Made Easy

Discover how to cut your back office overheads by 40% or more without having to spend thousands of dollars on travel to the Philippines … 

Includes: Overviews on PROVEN service providers you can connect with today

“This is excellent! I’ve seen first hand the devastation when this information is not known!!”
Lauren Reilly: Entrepreneur & Lecturer, Swinburne University

From The Desk Of:
George Notaras, Co-Founder, Wealthtraders.com

Dear Business Owner / Entrepreneur,

Want to save 40% or more on your back office overheads but hesitant to spend thousands of dollars to visit the Philippines to find out what is involved and whether offshoring can work for you?

Well an “evaluation / learning” visit to the Philippines is what I did when I first started outsourcing there (in 1994) and until recently, that’s what I would recommend to everyone with an interest in cutting their back office overheads.

However, things have changed…

Now, with “Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy”, you can find out what is involved, what you need to consider, and how to get started from the comfort of your office or home … WITHOUT having to spend thousands of dollars on a visit.

Providing access to my experience as a user of outsourcing operations in the Philippines since 1994, this unique program is jam packed with INDEPENDENT and UN-BIASED advice, contacts and recommendations to assist anyone who wants to:

  • Cut costs by using an existing service provider / vendor
  • Establish their own outsourcing service business in the Philippines – and help others
  • Set-up an office / operation in the Philippines to service their own needs only

As it covers everything you need to know without having to spend thousands of dollars, this is where you should START!

Read on to learn more about this “one-of-a-kind” program… 

Step #1: Learn How the Industry Works
Twenty three (23) “HOW TO” Guides

As with any business decision, your starting point with outsourcing to the Philippines should be based on a sound understanding / knowledge base of what you are getting into – i.e. how things work, the key things you need to consider, and particularly what to avoid.

Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy” provides a simple way to develop this knowledge base through “HOW TO” GUIDES full of solid advice, guidance and direction.

These Guides are different to the “this is what we do and how we do things” advice you will receive from a service provider / vendor. You need much more than that to maximize the opportunity which outsourcing to the Philippines provides. 

Comprising a mix of my own knowledge / experience PLUS input from owners and staff of various outsourcing service providers, these Guides include / share aspects of the industry which you can ONLY pick up by being “on-the-ground” over an extended period of time and get to deal with a wide variety of suppliers, clients, and requirements.

 They include: 

  • The Mindset Needed To Maximize Results
  • Challenges and Roadblocks You May Encounter
  • “Legal” Requirements For Your Operation
  • About: Multinational Service Providers
  • About: Smaller “Specialist” Service Providers
  • Build Your Own Team / Operation
  • Service Provider Pricing Models
  • Staff Remuneration Package Components
  • Staff Benefits – Smart Ways To Attract and Retain Staff
  • Indicative Base Salary Levels
  • Three Ways To Find The Best Staff For Your Project
  • Training For Operations Staff
  • Mentoring / Training For Managers
  • Preparing Your Requirements Summary / Specification

Here are a couple of examples:

>> Sample Guide #1:  How To Choose Where to Locate Your Outsourcing Operation >>

>> Sample Guide #2:  Why Manila Is The Preferred Location For Many >>

 This is where you need to start BEFORE speaking to any vendor or visiting the Philippines.

VALUE: US$167.00

Step #2: Connect with “Proven” Service Providers
Deal Direct – No Brokerage Involved

Offshoring Connect

Referrals are often the best way to find a suitable supplier / vendor in almost any industry simply because you need a way to get around the “smoke and mirrors” which vendors almost always use when promoting themselves. A quality referral can often be the difference between success and failure when outsourcing.

Offshoring connect is in some ways a referral service although I prefer to describe it as a service which gives you a summary of proven service providers we have “QUALIFIED” on your behalf.

These summaries give you a way to move faster and with less risk. We are NOT a Broker – you need to connect directly with whoever you wish in these summaries and negotiate directly. No Brokerage fees can represent big savings to you!

These “qualified” service providers are summarised in two lists:

LIST #1: “Multinational” Service Providers

  • Contains ONLY service providers where we know (or have met) managers and / or operations staff within their Philippines operations.
  • This list comprises companies who handle big accounts such as: Comcast – Microsoft — Direct TV – Telstra – Barclays – Citibank — US Airways — Serious XM – Optus – Verizon – Sprint – Dell — AT&T – Zynga — Frontier.
  • These multinational service providers are included in a single list with a link to their website so you can learn more.
  • There are “links” to seventeen (17) companies on this list. Each of them has operations in multiple locations around the world. (There are additional multinational service providers based in the Philippines but I have had no contact with any of their management or staff so they are not included here.)

LIST #2: Smaller “SPECIALIST” Service Providers and Tier 1 Contractors

  • Contains companies we have personally dealt with plus a few which our clients and friends use or speak highly of who meet our selection criteria.
  • Focus is on specialists with a PROVEN TRACK HISTORY.
  • Featured companies / contractors are presented within Categories as listed below. Each Category includes an introduction which explains key points you should consider. There are 18 categories within the program, each featured in a separate list.
  • Many of the businesses included in these lists are very low key whose businesses have been built on referrals. In some cases, you will not hear of or find them elsewhere.
  • Focus is on service providers in the Philippines although “specialists” based in the USA, Europe. Australia, and Thailand are also included as in some categories, you will want to work with Tier 1 providers regardless of  price.
  • Only companies and contractors who are reliable, offer continuity, are responsiveand have a healthy approach to the delivery of service have been included in our listings.  Companies which do not meet these criteria  – and there are many – have NOT been included in this summary.

The categories listed include:

  • Company Set Up (Philippines specific)
  • BPO’s and Call Centers (Dedicated Staff) – multiple disciples including Accounting, Virtual Assistant, Financial, IT, Technical Staff, Support Services, Campaign Management, and Lead Generation specialists
  • Copywriting
  • Content Services
  • Logistics
  • SEO / SEM and Social Media Marketing
  • Venues for Meetings and Presentations (Philippines specific)
  • Visual Media – Animation, Video, Documentaries, Commercials, and Short Movies
  • Website Development, Graphic Design and Mobile Apps
  • and more…

Each service provider overview includes contact points so you can get a DIRECT dialogue going with them. 


  • BPO’s and Call Centers involve DEDICATED STAFF. The other categories listed above are Premium providers and contractors who, in many cases, will consider one-off requirements.
  • As some service providers cover multiple functions, they are listed in multiple categories / lists
  • Coverage is broad so that when you have a need in a new / additional area, you know who to contact.
  • This list will be expanded and updated progressively.

With LIST #2, a detailed overview – including contact details – on each featured service provider is provided:


Data and Campaign Management teleforce--overview


VALUE: US$150.00

You can purchase this product separately here.

Step #3: Get Started With a Visit
Recommendations when visiting Manila

manila-assistI have hosted hundreds of visitors to the Philippines since 2003 and, when in Manila, I get to meet overseas visitors almost daily. Once these people hear of my experience living in the country and what I do, they invariably ask me for recommendations on where to go and what to do during their stay.

The reason: tourist brochures simply do not provide information on many of the things visitors would like to experience and invariably have been compiled for general tourists rather than business-oriented visitors.

With a focus on expat-oriented venues and activities, Manila Assist gives you a simple reference point for getting the most out of your stay in Manila. It features fourteen (14) Guides in the following areas:

  • Where to Stay – a variety of 3-5 star hotels in Makati
  • Entertainment and Dining
  • Golf Courses – including detailed overviews on 7 world class courses
  • Medical Services
  • Shopping
  • Concierge, Transportation, and Tours
  • Networking Options


There are over 70 venues / options listed across all these Guides to help you plan and enjoy your visit.

Only SAFE places and activities are included.

VALUE: You decide

Step #4: Operational Requirements
Special Add-on and Bonus

Once you decide to outsource, your immediate focus should be on getting your basic processes right. However, that is just the start as there are other issues you will need to address initially and on an ongoing basis. The following will help you with some of these…  

WT Buyer Advantage Logo

In the “Staff Benefits” HOW TO Guide I outline the importance of positioning yourself to attract and retain quality senior staff and give three examples of the growing importance of “personal growth”, a priority for some ahead of salary.

In the “Mentoring / Training for Senior Staff” HOW TO Guide, I explain how our Buyers Advantage  program can help you in this area.

This special BENEFITS program gives you the ability to purchase any of 20+ products from our catalogue at up to 50% discount 24/7, 365 days of the year – for personal use, for staff training needs, as a gift / incentive and much more.

This includes products in the following categories:

  • Personal Development: Coverage includes:- Motivation — Passion — Influence — Charisma — Law of Attraction — and more
  • Business Coaching: – Including:- One Stop Business Coach — Real World Marketing — Linkedin Marketing — and more
  • Internet Marketing: Including:- More Than Templates — Cloak and Tracker – and more

This is the type of product EVERY business should have access to simply because you should always be seeking to expand your personal and staffs knowledge and expertise.

When you purchase “Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy“, you get LIFETIME access to Buyers Advantage as part of your purchase.

Savings you achieve by using this product could very quickly offset your investment in “Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy“!

VALUE: US$97.00



27 Essential Business Agreements is a collection of “base” agreements which you can modify and use in your outsourcing and general business activities. They include “base” agreements for:

  • Heads of Agreement  – 3 sample formats
  • Joint Venture Agreement  – 2 sample formats
  • Employment Agreement – 3 sample formats
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement – 9 sample formats

This product is already being used by service providers within the Philippines plus users of their services.You can use these “base” agreements in all your business activities.

VALUE: US$50.00

You Can Access This Program 24/7 Anywhere In The World

All of the above are delivered via a secure Member Area which you can access anytime from anywhere, including when in the Philippines and you need to quickly reference an item.

All materials can be viewed on a cell, tablet, notepad or desktop.

This is a self paced program so you can review as much as you wish in each session. A simple Menu structure allows you to go directly to where you want with ease.

The program will progressively be updated expanded . Since it is delivered online, you will get access to all updates immediately.

Is This Program For You?

When preparing this, I took into consideration the types of companies currently outsourcing to the Philippines PLUS the diverse range of overseas visitors I have met  (and assisted) when visiting Manila specifically to evaluate or progress outsourcing options.

Putting aside the big companies who need hundreds or thousands of staff, these include:

  • Accountants and Lawyers who want to reduce back office costs, some of which can be performed offshore at a dramatically lower cost.
  • Business Consultants: Your clients will at some point ask you questions about outsourcing, The more you know, including how to help / guide them, is beneficial. This will give you the knowledge and contact base you need.
  • Entrepreneurs: You are probably moving quickly and need someone to co-ordinate your schedule. A personal assistant is just one way to keep things flowing … and that’s just one task you can outsource.
  • Online and Offline Marketers: Outsource tasks such as social media marketing, website development, online support and much more to someone who knows what they are doing but isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Publishers: This includes converting old books into electronic format through to tasks for current and new publications, including advertising sales, graphic design, and more.
  • Sales Organizations: Lead generation, appointment setting, and many more functions can be performed at a lower cost.
  • Software Development: A growing segment with teams being set up to “supplement your home team”, again at a lower cost.

The above will give you an idea of just how diverse the industry has become and the types of sole traders, small and medium businesses now outsourcing to the Philippines.

Within the programs introduction, I outline three (3) ways in which it can be used. One (1) of these is to use the program to expand your business offerings and income streams through: consulting opportunities — brokerage services — outsourcing tours — conference add-on — and facilitation on behalf of your clients. You can also simply introduce this product to your clients – offline using Buyers Advantage or online as an Affiliate – and profit on each sale.

Get This Unique Program TODAY…

“Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy is a “one-of-a-kind” product as a lot of what is shared is not available through any other SINGLE source. In fact, you would normally need to spend thousands of dollars – in hard cash and / or your time – to acquire the advice, contacts and recommendations it provides.

To re-cap, here is what this unique program provides:

Outsourcing to the Philippines Made Easy


  • 23 x “How To” Guides
  • Offshoring  Connect – 18 x service provider listings
  • Manila Assist – 14 x Manila Guides
  • Special Add-on: Buyers Advantage access
  • Bonus: 27 Essential Business Agreements


Normally: US$247
You Pay: : US$197.00


Order anytime, even at 3am in the morning!

  1. Within minutes of your order being approved, you will receive an email with login details to your Member Area for this product.
  2. Please add support AT wealthtraders DOT com to ensure receipt of these instructions.
  3. If you already have access to Buyers Advantage, you can purchase this product at “wholesale price”.
  4. A 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee applies when purchased through the above link.

graphic (12)

An investment of US$247 US$197 is very small when you consider that to build a comparable knowledge and contact base upon which you can make informed decisions is probably going to cost you 10 times or more.

Don’t delay. Get “Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy” TODAY and start preparing yourself for savings of 40% or more on your back office needs.


To your success,

George Notaras
Co-Founder, WealthTraders.com

About George Notaras

George Notaras
I started in the outsourcing sector in 1981 providing “computer bureau-based” accounting and mining related solutions before becoming part of the team which launched online services in Australia. In the latter part of the 1980’s I moved into the direct marketing (DM) services industry and subsequently assisted some of the biggest DM accounts in Australia with their IT, CRM and marketing needs. I commenced outsourcing to the Philippines in 1994 and then, in 2002, moved to Manila to manage Asia’s leading DM company who I had been dealing with since first visiting the Philippines.  Since 2005, I have been providing a mix of consulting, online and project management services through WealthTraders.com. Click here for full Bio.