Partner With Us

When you Partner with us, you can do business ONLINE as an Affiliate or OFFLINE utilizing our Buyers Advantage program as outlined below.

Affiliate Program

Do business online


Available to all subscribers and buyers of our products

  • In operation since 2005
  • Commission: 35% – 40%

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Buyers Advantage Program

Do business offline

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A special “benefits” package which allows you to purchase our products at WHOLESALE PRICE

  • Add-on to several of our products
  • SAVE up to 50% on additional purchases

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Please Note:

  • Click here for a comparison of these two programs.
  • Our objective is to provide extra options for our customers rather than being a general Affiliate network. Our Affiliate Program recognizes Buyers of our products for their financial commitment.
  •  If you have not purchased a product or been invited to join our Affiliate Program, your application will NOT be approved.
  • When invited, please nominate the source / link you have come from to ensure approval.