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  • With this Anger Relief course,
    you will learn...

  • An overview of the 12 types of anger
  • How to decode the physical signs of anger
  • The science behind anger and frustration
  • Five major costs of your anger
  • Proven coping solutions for anger
  • Using communication skills to diffuse anger
  • Eight tips for dealing with angry kids



Dear Friend,

If you're facing struggles when it comes to anger and frustration, then what I'm about to explain to you CAN and WILL transform your life.

Now, don't get me wrong here, anger is definitely a natural and necessary emotion that has it's rightful position in our lives.

Here's just a few instances of how anger can be a positive motivator to us:

  • It can be a catalyst or tool for motivation and change when we most need it.
  • It can stimulate our evolutionary fight or flight response in reaction to dangers.
  • It can empower you to take control of your life and situations you're in.
So, as you can see, anger really does have it's place.

On the other hand, when it escalates and becomes destructive to both ourselves and to those around us, then it becomes a serious problem.

Your Anger Is Truly A Silent Killer
Living with anger physically changes your body's biochemistry, actually releasing toxins into your bloodstream.

As a result, you can say that anger has a way of "poisoning" you. That's why it's known as the silent killer.

Continuing to live like this for many years on end will eventually catche up and manifest itself in the form of health issues.

Most people aren't even aware of the damage that they're causing to their own body until one day they end up having a major heart attack, and then they're left wondering how that possibly could have happened.

It's not until they truly understand that their anger was the major contributing factor to their health condition that they come to terms with one major thing.

The heart attack, or other various health ailment, was a long time in the making... all due to anger.

Unfortunately, This Can Affect Anyone...
Did you know that those who live with chronic anger are indeed more at a risk of heart disease, stroke, higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels than those obviously NOT living with chronic anger?

So it truly does pay to better control your anger and not let it control YOU.

Now it's time to find out: do YOU live with chronic anger?

  • Do you allow trivial things that should have no effect on your life to make you angry?
  • Do you allow anger to control your life?
  • Is your temper hair trigger that it doesn't take much to set you off?
  • Do you miss out on enjoying your time?
  • Is your anger too intense??
  • Does your anger feel more like intense rage to the point where you can't control it?
  • Does your anger intensify to the point where you can't stop being angry despite trying your best?
  • Do you use your anger to help you get through life?
  • Are your family, friends, or loved ones afraid of your temper?

If you're answered yes to any of these questions...

You more than likely have an anger problem that you NEED to address now if you want to have the pertinent relationships with loved ones and friends.

The same closeness and quality of life that your anger has been robbing you of enjoying.

It's Never Too Late, There's Hope - Things CAN Change
You can only truly change if you're equipped with the proper tools.

And guess what? You're about to be handed these very tools and skills right

No longer will you have to live with an unforunate anger issue that's preventing you from being happy.

I've compiled all of the essential, most proven, and mindful methods for busting anger, regardless of who you are, where you are, or what you're dealing with.

With this, you'll receive countless tools and methods that will make your life easier and allow you to escape the daily frustration and anger that bitters your life.

Today, there are far too many individuals living and suffering from anger, robbing them of a better life.

Just as I said before, this can lead to further health problems that can impede your quality of life.

Having said that, now YOU can discover how to get your anger fully under control in a few easy steps.

I'm passing on the "cure" to you, and here it is...


Anger Control Manifesto

Training Guide

This super detailed anger management and frustration relief e-book takes a unique approach to providing solutions for ANYBODY and EVERYBODY. Written to be easily digestable and fully thorough regardless of your level of anger. The systems revealed are variable in terms of being adaptable to any person, no matter who they are.

You will learn exact how to manage your perspective, diffuse anger, cope with frustration, and give your life a better purpose.

Table of Contents

Have An Inside Look At The Guide

This is just a brief summary of all of the chapters and sections that are laid out in this anger control course:

  • Chapter I: Is An Anger Problem Present In Your Life?
  • Chapter II: Survey Time! Answer These Questions!
  • 2A: Letting Go of The Anger Inside of You
  • Chapter III: The Aftermath of Anger and It's Effects
  • Chapter IV: The Various Types of Anger
  • Chapter V: The Benefits of Anger
  • Chapter VI: Anger Management At The Workplace
  • Chapter VII: The Price of Anger
  • Chapter VIII: The Warning Signs of Anger
  • Chapter IX: Ten Basic Anger Management Techniques
  • Chapter X: Diffusing Anger With Positive Self-Talk
  • Chapter XI: Diffusing Anger With Assertiveness
  • 11A: The Steps To Communicating Assertively
  • Chapter XII: Serve Them A Sandwich
  • 12A: An Example of Serving A Sandwich
  • Chapter XIII: Anger Management For An Angry Kiddo
  • 13A: Ten Tips For Dealing With Angry Children
  • Chapter XIV: Handling Your Angry Teenager
  • Chapter XV: Some Final Anger Controlling Tips
  • Chapter XVI: Further Self-Help, Anger Management?

But hold on a minute, that's not it.

You will receive 4 bonuses that will help you even further:


Bonus 1: Cheat Sheet (Valued at $17)

This cheat sheet is particularly useful for this course because it contains multiple pages of check lists that you can print out and use to easily take action for every section of the main course.

It will categorize and break down every part of this course, so that you can easily follow along without having to dig through the guide again. This assists you in keeping track of your progress and will help you to implement the strategies far better.

Bonus 2: Mind Map (Valued at $7)

This is a new feature called the "mind map" that essentially blueprints the complete whole course. It presents you with an interactive visual summary of this entire anger control course so that you'll be able to dive into each section to benefit the most.

You can also print it out to study a hard copy of the mind map. You'll receive multiple file formats as well so that you can adapt it to your most preferred style of usage.

Bonus 3: Resources Report (Valued at $17)

Not surprisingly, there's a ton of tools, resources and knowledge exposed inside the "Anger Control Manifesto" course. With the resources report, you receive all of the resources, websites, and everything presented in the course, in the most organized manner.

This means you'll be able to navigate out to the various websites and resources and keep track of what you have and what you need to do. Not only that - this bonus perfectly accompanies the rest of the bonuses and main course.

Bonus 4: Do's And Do Not's Chart (Valued at $7)

Because of the vast amount of knowledge and detail outlined in the main guide, you may start to feel overwhelmed trying to keep track of it all. That's just where the nifty Do's and Do Not's chart comes in to save the day (and your time).

You receive a table (chart) that displays just about everything you need to know about what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do when it comes to managing your anger with this system. If you have any doubt or questions, just refer to this chart.

What's even better is that I'm giving you insight from various people, myself included, who have actually suffered from anger management issues and extreme frustration. These are people that have learned how they can deal with anger properly and now I've compiled all of this into a PROVEN e-book course so that anybody, even YOU, can benefit from it.

So... are you ready to control your anger with ease?


Not only are you going to receive information regarding anger management and control that can transform your life, but you'll ALSO get valuable advice and tons of tips as to how you can combat the anger that's ruining your life. You can easily take back your life and cease the anger flares.

The "Anger Control Manifesto" Course Comes With A Special 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

This brand new training guide "Anger Control Manifesto" will give you the exact system that you can put into action to flip your life around and control anger big time.

If you come to the conclusion that after applying the system HONESTLY, none of these strategies have helped you AT ALL, you can contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money.

We believe that there's a full world and life
that's out there just waiting for you to live in it
but if your anger stops you, then how can you?
This formula can certainly help you.

Everybody gets angry or frustrated at some time or another in life. There's just no escaping it, it's a natural by product of life, and a by-product of anger and frustration lead to health issues.

With this system in hand, you'll discover how to identify your different anger triggers, the various types of anger, what it's costing you to continue living in this way, and how you can prevent it from doing any more destruction to your life.

There's no shortage of self-help books out there that can assist you with diffusing anger and frustration.

However, most of them are just written from a one person perspective or they're just too narrow in scope to be of any real assistance.

With THIS book, you're getting access to a comprehensive guide to controlling your anger, diffusing your frustration, and as a result, improving the overall quality of your life and your happiness.

It's not just myself who's invested in this book, it's countless others with tons of insight and perspectives. All as a means to ensure that this is the LAST anger management course you'll ever need to look at in your life.

Anger is always going to rear it's ugly head in your life.  What you need to focus on is becoming more receptive towards your triggers and the kind of anger that you express the most.

By doing this, you can become a much calmer and happier person all around. Your quality of life is going to improve immensely. Beyond anything my words can express to you.

I'm offering you the chance to FINALLY control the anger once and for all.  You can be happy, healthy, and in control of the steering wheel of your life, all because of the steps and system outlined in this book.

To show you how serious I am about this book and helping you, I'm giving you access to the entire book and every module and bonus listed on this page for a one time LOW payment.

You'll receive everything digitally, and within 5 minutes of ordering, you can be ready, set and go for controlling your anger and extinguishing any frustration that comes your way.

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