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REV UP your business and income fast and at a much lower cost with this special collection of "money making and saving" tools...

From the desk of George Notaras

Time and Money

Dear Business Owner / Entrepreneur,

Want to build your knowledge and skills, improve staff productivity, streamline your costs, or expand your income streams?

Now, you can attend conferences, seminars and workshops, call in external help, or even employ additional staff to achieve what you need in these areas. 

However, for most requirements today, there is often a smarter - and faster - solution available through products you can purchase and / or use online.

MONEY MAKING ESSENTIALS (MME) is one of these products, a substantial "done-for-you" toolkit designed to give you extra ways to save and make more money over and above any tools you may already have at your disposal.

For a small one-time investment, this unique product gives you:

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Access to specialist training resources / programs - for you and all your current and future staff - from experts with a track history of success globally, plus...

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Extra content for your website AND membership / loyalty program including monetization options and a way to manage all your online marketing, plus...

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A simple and low cost way to learn and evaluate how offshore outsourcing can help you cut your back office operating costs by 40% or more, plus...

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Two (2) simple and easy ways to expand your income streams - in your current business or any others you are involved in or plan to start (online and / or offline)

As highlighted by the above, this is NOT a technical product. Rather, it focuses on tasks which you normally need to perform manually, tasks which can take up alot of your time and end up costing you far more than you thought.

Time is everyone's greatest enemy ... and that is what this program aims to address by giving you tools to help you address various key functions in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

ALL tools are PROVEN...

Over 7,000 individials and companies have already purchased one or more of the tools in this product PLUS we use them internally and in our outsourcing and consulting activities.

You can use all of them over and over again, personally in any business you OWN.

TESTIMONIAL: "Your MME product gives business owners options which many need, don't have or even know about ... it is equivalent to adding a highly experienced staffer or consultant to your team for a very low, one off cost..."  Clive Davis -

Money Making Essentials brings together three products from our portfolio which give you:

Product #1: Training, Guidance and Direction

One Stop Business Coach

No matter how good a product you have or how good you are at what you do, you will find yourself falling short of what you could or expect to achieve if you don't establish and maintain a success mindset and solid business processes in your operations.

One Stop Business Coach (OSBC) addresses these through the following "self study" resources for you and your staff:

#1: Build a Winning Mindset

Product: Dr. Robert Anthony's KNOW HOW TO BE RICH

Whether it's sport, your personal life, or business, success is driven to a great extent by thinking and acting as a winner. Developing - and subsequently maintaining - this mindset is where you need to start!

KNOW HOW TO BE RICH - Dr. Robert Anthony's popular Law of Attraction program - is a progran which focuses on creating a winning mindset for wealth creation.

There are six (6) audio lessons in this product spanning more than 4 hours, each featuring techniques which anyone seeking to make more money should be using.

These are supported by Dr. Anthony's Total Success Library which includes:

Total Success Library

I recommend you share this program with family and staff to ensure everyone around you thinks and acts as a winner.

#2: Guidance and Direction


The Real World Marketer

The Real World Marketer is a special business coaching program developed by a former VP Marketing, Bank of America in collaboration with the Founder of

This program walks you through what you need to be doing in a multitude of areas, and includes 372 tips and strategies featured in 47 'step-by-step' guides plus a comprehensive resource listing. Some of these guides are bigger than eBooks you pay $27 for.

Delivery is online so you can login from anywhere rather than keeping a copy on your computer or tablet. As there are over 300 pages of content (small font is used), access to any section is via a menu so that you can go to any section fast.

This is the program I use more than any other - to get ideas and to make sure I haven't missed anything. The copywriting tips alone have me going back time and time again - and they are only one of the 372 tips in the program.

#3: Skills Training & More


Supporting the above primary programs is a comprehensive library of support resources for addressing areas such as:

Business Agreements -- Sales Skills -- eMarketing -- and much more...

Valued at $241 on it's own, this Resource Library includes commercial products such as:- 27 Essential Business Agreements -- Linkedin Marketing Made Easy -- and Google Hangouts (video) training plus a library comprising 35 eBooks.

TESTIMONIAL Your OSBC package is awesome. I wish I had known about this before spending money on products from the "self proclaimed" Internet Gurus! Brandon Miller, Founder - ESL Job Hawk

Price: US$197

Product #2: Streamine Your Back Office Costs

Discover how to cut your back office costs by 40% or more with...

This unique program gives you everything you would learn during a 1-2 week "outsourcing fact finding visit" to the Philippines WITHOUT having to spend thousands of dollars.

The program gives you access to independent and un-biased advice and recommendations to help you understand how to get maximum return when outsourcing to the Philippines.

It's essentially an A-Z Roadmap on what to do.

There are three (3) modules in the program which give you:

Big companies embraced what the Philippines had to offer quite some time ago.

However, in the past five years, the industry in the Philippines has grown from employing 600,000 people to more than 1.3 million today. This growth is now being driven to a great extent by small businesses, many of whom only need 1 to 10 "outsourced" staff.

With average savings running at 40% or more, this is an area no one in business can ignore.

Price: US$197

Product #3: Instant Content

Whilst training is essential, only TAKING ACTION is going to give you any chance of making more money.

The following tools - again addressing functions normally performed "manually" - can help you add thousands of dollars to your bottom line starting today through either a combination of savings and extra income.

#1: Instant Website / Blog Content

More Than Templates

Content and marketing are two of the most time consuming and expensive elements of any website.

Typically, each page of “quality” content you add to a website costs $100+ for your time, copy, and graphics whilst marketing costs can run out of control if you don't monitor / manage your activities effectively.

More Than Templates (MTT) addresses both areas through:

The website / content contains a number of monetized offers and therefore, once you load it up, you have an INSTANT ONLINE BUSINESS.

You can use as many of these offers as you wish PLUS you can add monetized offers from other sources.


Potential Use / Benefits
  • Instant content = big savings
  • Activate a dormant domain with a live website
  • A 'ready-to-go' online business - for yourself, your business, even a family member
  • Take control your links, especially in digital publications

Price: US$77.00

TESTIMONIAL: "We wanted a clean and simple website which could be implemented quickly. Your product allowed us to do exactly what we wanted in a matter of hours." Alpha Galaxy Optical 

#2: Build (Or Expand) Your Own Membership Program AND "Offline" Income Streams

Buyers Advantage

Whilst online commerce is growing very fast, there is still a massive amount of business (roughly 80%) still conducted offline / through normal business action. If you ignore this and focus solely online, then you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

As a Money Making Essentials user, you receive access to the Wealth Traders BUYERS ADVANTAGE program which allows you to buy any of 40+ products at up to 50% of their usual cost 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Yes, you can buy most of these products through your Affiliate link. However, that means paying full price and waiting for a rebate (commission). This is a SMART and EASIER alternative.

Membership to this program normally costs US$97 per annum.

However, as a Money Making Essentials buyer, there are NO monthly or annual fees for you.

Plus, unlike with many programs, is NO stock to carry, and NO minimum orders. You buy at wholesale price ONLY when you have a need!

Best of all, you can use this program in a number of ways, including:

Potential Use / Benefits
  • Instant content for your own membership / benefits program
  • SAVE on personal and staff training needs
  • Extra "secondary" products / income streams to help you open more doors, build relationships and upsell
  • Value-add an existing product
  • Do Busines OFFLINE
  • Build your brand by giving your clients more

Value: US$97 per annum


TESTIMONIAL: “The advice and tools your program delivers are superb and already having a major impact. In fact, just last week, three new opportunities came my way as a result of it. I am kicking myself for not taking action earlier.” William Patrick -

Start Saving Money TODAY...

The value of the above is best appreciated when you sit down and think about the "real" costs of performing each of these functions. For example:

You don’t have to use each of the tools and services provided. One or two may be enough to give you a very quick payback on your investment in this product, OR you can get a payback simply by having...

More Ways To Make More Money

There are two instant businesses provided by the tools in this product - an Online Business with a ready-to-go website, and Buyers Advantage (40+ products) which gives you extra products you can market "offline".

Each gives you additional "secondary" income streams.

For example, you can use the products we provide to:

Having the ability to make more money is something we all seek. However...

Is this Product for You?

Is This Product For You 

Of course, the training component of this product is exceptional - something that any organization can benefit from.

However, Money Making Essentials is much more than a training program as it also gives you many extra options in your business. For example:

If you are want to SAVE money and give yourself more ways to MAKE MORE MONEY, then you should...

Get Money Making Essentials NOW

Money Making Essentials is available for a ONE-TIME INVESTMENT for LIFETIME ACCESS.

Here's a summary of what you get...


Know How To Be Rich  
The Real World Marketer
Wealth Traders Resource Library  
Outsourcing To The Philippines Made Easy
More Than Templates
Buyers Advantage Access
Total Value $568.00
US $397.00


Money Making Essentials fusion of proven and 'practical' money making and saving tools ensures this unique product is suitable - and affordable - for almost any business regardless of size, location, resources and expertise.

Even if you don't need everything it has to offer today, you have all the tools at your fingertips and can therefore move fast when needed. Progressively, it could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Quite simply, it's an investment in yourself and your business!

Don't delay. Get it TODAY...

To your success,

George Notaras,

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