More Than Templates

Get an 18-page "money making" website live on your own domain in less than twenty minutes plus much more for less than $100...

This unique product gives you:

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"Instant" 18 Page "Responsive" Website: A 'done-for-you' 18 page money-making website which you can have live on your own domain in less than 20 minutes from now

No 2

Instant Content for your existing website or Blog: The content from the above provided in Word format so you can add all or part to your existing website or Blog if you prefer

No 3

Website Marketing Tools: To help you manage the marketing of your online business, eBooks, and advertising plus more


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"Most outsourcers will charge you $500+ just for the website element of this program. With More Than Templates, you get much more for a fraction of this price... "
George Notaras - Founder,