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How To Install Your Content Website


Step #1 - Download the Content Website

Unzip the file after download and store it on your hard drive ready for uploading (Step #4).

Step #2 - Create A Database on your Domain

Go to your hosting account and create a database for this website. Write down the dtails as they will be required in Step #3.

This database is required by the Contact Form plus automates the Affiliate link "call-ins" throughout the website so you do NOT have to modify these page-by-page.

Step #3 - Modify General Settings File

Download the files provided to your hardrive and open up the following file.


This file looks as follows. Modify the sections highlighted in the following and save the file.

* (c) Jesse Veluz, 2013


$program_url = ''; // no trailing slash
$programfolder = ' '; // use '' if in the root

$domain_name_ = ''; // without 'www'
$secretwords_ = '9k5u24$0gn'; // change this for your protection
$charset_ = 'UTF-8';

Settings OPTIONS

Root Setting:

$program_url = ''; // no trailing slash
$programfolder = ' '; // use '' if in the root

$domain_name_ = ''; // without 'www'
$secretwords_ = '9k5u24$0gn'; // change this for your protection
$charset_ = 'UTF-8';

Sub-directory Setting:

$program_url = ''; // no trailing slash
$programfolder = '/sub-directory-name/'; // use '' if in the root

$domain_name_ = ''; // without 'www'
$secretwords_ = '9k5u24$0gn'; // change this for your protection
$charset_ = 'UTF-8';

Sub-Domain Setting:

$program_url = ''; // no trailing slash
$programfolder = ' '; // use '' if in the root

$domain_name_ = ''; // without 'www'
$secretwords_ = '9k5u24$0gn'; // change this for your protection
$charset_ = 'UTF-8';


$admin_email = '';


$dbname_ = 'database name';
$dbuser_ = 'database user name';
$dbpass_ = 'database password';
$dbhost_ = 'localhost';
$dbprefix_ = 'fra_'; // very important to change this for site security purpose (example: jny_ or ybc_ or dcc_)


$defaultparentid = 'WealthTraders Afiliate ID'; // you can use WealthTraders ID, or Clickbank ID or any ID provided to you by your affiliate manager if offers from another group dominate.

By adding in your WealthTraders Affiliate ID, the links on all the pages will automatically update at time of loading, saving you the trouble of having to edit each page individually. If you add in pages from another service, then you will need to add their respective affiliate link individually.

// Email Copy which be sent after successful completion of the contact form

$contact_form_fromheader = 'Your Name';
$contact_form_fromemail = ''; // what email to show to tell signing members where the message is coming from. You can even use a NO-REPLY email account.
// for sending response to the asker
$subject_for_inquirer = 'Thank you for making contact';
$message_for_inquirer = 'Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you very soon with a response to your message.

Your Name


define ('MEMBER_DIR',$program_url.'/member');
define ('ADMIN_DIR',$program_url.'/admin');
define ('__SECRET_WORD__',$secretwords_);
define ('ALLOWED_SESSION_LENGTH',60*24);
define ('DOMAIN',$domain_name_);
define ('VARSET','true');


Step #4 - Upload the Content Website

Upload the entire content website onto your domain using your FTP client. If you don't have an FTP client, we recommend Filezilla (it's free).

The upload should be to the root, sub-domain, or sub-directory you have specified in the inc/general_settings.php file.

Step #5 - Install

Once loaded, go to your browser and key in the following (depending on where you have loaded the site):


A nessage will appear in your browser advising you that the install is complete and recommending you remove / delete the /install directory.

Instead of removing / deleting this directory for security reasons, we recommend you RENAME it - e.g. install-29ag3 - so you can easily reinstall any time.

That's it!

Your new money-making website is now live, your contact form is operational, and all the affiliate links are active.

Read on to learn about the necessary - and optional - modifications to the website you will need to perform.

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Content Website Requirements

  • Your Own Domain
  • mySQL Database on your Domain
  • Notepad or a HTML Editor
  • FTP Client

If you are not comfortable in installing - and modifying - the website, then you may like to outsource the function - locally or offshore. Contact us if you require a referral to an offshore specialist familiar with Gridflair.