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Get More Active Online...


Option #1:

"Instant" Content for an Existing Website or Blog
... and a New (or Extra) Online Business

Content development can take up days, even weeks of your time.When you account for everything - i.e. copy, graphics, page creation, and your personal time - each additional page of content you add to your website can cost you $100+. It's the expensive part of building a website.

More Than Templates gives you two ways to make website development and / or expanion a fast and low cost process...

No 1

Ready-to-go copy, includimg nine (9) monetized offers and three (3) articles, provided in a Microsoft Word file. Simply COPY and PASTE some or all of this content into your existing website or Blog. Images for this content are included in the following.

No 2

A done-for-you website containing eighteen (18) pages, an INSTANT ONLINE BUSINESS which you can have live on your own domain in as little as 10 minutes -- in a sub-directory, sub-domain, or as your main site.

The website is already responsive - i.e. it will resize on any device - and has a working contact form which you activate during the installation.

(Click on image to view the website you will receive)

This website gives you the ability to...

  • Get started online FAST - developing 18 pages of content can take a week or more and, if outsourced, would cost you $1,000 or more. With this website, you can be up and running in under 10 minutes. .

  • Give your visitors access to more content on YOUR site instead of referring them elsewhere.

  • Activate a dormant domain - if you have multiple domains just sitting dormant, activate them with an instant online business.

  • Build Mini Sites - you OWN this site and so, once live, can BRAND, MODIFY, and EXPAND it, even build mini-sites for specific product categories / niches. You can place these mini-sites on separate domains or in sub-directories - e.g. this More Than Templates "product overview" which uses the above as a base.

Monetization is driven via Affiliate Links which are included in your More Than Templates MEMBER AREA.

You can use this website...

  • On multiple domains YOU OWN at no extra cost - see License Terms

  • On any hosting platform you wish to use. It is HTML based and so can be moved to another hosting provider with ease.

  • As a base for featuring your own products and / or Affiliate products from networks such as Clickbank and JVzoo.

  • OR the following...

Option #2:

Build one or more Custom Websites FAST

Whilst our objective with the above website is to give you "ready-to-go" content, the website can also be used as a "base template" for building Custom Websites of your own FAST....

Included in the website are "blank" page templates which simply require you to add your own content. Alternatively, you can replace the content provided in this website to create a unique website of your own like the following...


Alpha Galaxy Optical Optical
Click here or on image to visit Alpha Galaxy Optical

Your Custom Website/s can include some, all or none of the pages from the website provided. Only one link - in the footer - is required. See Licence Terms.

Total Value: US$500

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Instant Content
Web Marketing Tools
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Templates and website building tools focus on the technical aspects of building a website. More Than Templates is dfferent as it focuses on content whilst also giving you a base for building as many custom websites as you wish...

User Reviews...

We wanted a clean and simple website which could be implemented quickly. Your product allowed us to do exactly what we wanted in a matter of hours.
Alpha Galaxy Optical

You get a fully operating website, including content that immediately enables you to start earning money ... you can use the system to create an unlimited number of different-looking websites with a minimal amount of design and coding skills. ... you start by copying and modifying what's already there.

Content Website Requirements

  • Your Own Domain
  • Hosting Account
  • mySQL Database
  • Notepad or a HTML Editor
  • FTP Client

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