More Than Templates

Manage and Expand Your Online Operations

The following tools will help you expand, present and market your operations:

#1: Manage your Online Marketing and Links

Cloak and Tracker

Cloak and Tracker is a popular "commercial" desktop-based utility used by thousands of marketers worldwide.

In it's simplest form, it is a URL shortener. However, unlike most "free" URL shorteners which produce a URL which means nothing, Cloak and Tracker allows you to create a personalized URL - e.g. - so you can build YOUR brand.

Your can use this for all your email and social media links PLUS...

  • Create dynamic links in all of your web sites, ebooks and info products - and change them whenever required direct from your desktop. YOUR LINKS NEVER NEED TO DIE!

  • Track and measure the effectiveness of your advertising - use unique tracking tokens to determine which advertising is delivering returns.

You can use Cloak and Tracker on as many web sites as you like ... or install it on one site only and use that to track activity on multiple sites, eBooks, etc direct from your desktop.

Taking control of your links across the Internet is something YOU need to be in control of rather than rely on 3rd party systems which may / may not be around in years to come. Cloak and Tracker makes this easy!

Value: US$57 (available for separate purchase)

#2: Build "Responsive" Sales Pages FAST

Using the same "responsive website" framework as the Content Website, you receive two simple "sales page" templates which you can quickly modify to feature specific products.

You can view these two templates at:

Value: US$10 (NOT available for separate purchase)

#3: Extra CSS Styles for your Website

Master CSS File

MasterCSSfile gives you over 100 Custom Style Sheet (CSS) styles you can use on your "personal" website/s and blog to maximise the impact of your presentation.

Includes CSS styles for: Bullet Pointers -- Testimonials -- Headlines -- Footer Signatures -- Lead Intros -- Johnson Boxes ... and more.

Value: US$20 (NOT available for separate purchase)

#4: Uncover Profitable Niches
Niche Navigator

The Content Website we provide addresses just ONE of many potential niches you can focus on - a niche which has proven high demand.

Niche Navigator provides a step-by-step process for uncovering additional "profitable" niches for you to explore.

Some niches are not worth the effort, others can be highly lucrative even if you don't do everything perfectly. This 35 page eBook will help you find them.

Value: US$17 (NOT available for separate purchase)

Total Value (all tools): US$104.00

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