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Product: The Real World Marketer
Format: 47 Guides Available 24/7 (DELIVERED ONLINE)

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The Real World Marketer

Whether you're starting a new business or have an existing business, your first priority is to establish a sound base, one which will allow you to progressively grow your income.

Your base is akin to the foundations of a house - if it is wobbly, then the whole structure can collapse. Therefore a solid plan and effective processes are imperitive!

Most programs - especially those promoting a system / scheme - assume you have all this in place which of course is a bad assumption.

Even if you feel you have everything in place, there is no harm in going back and reviewing your systems / processes as this often brings to light problem areas you weren't aware of, or highlights that maybe there are some areas you can address in a smarter way!

The Real World Marketer helps you do this plus much more...

It takes you from A-Z with "common sense" business direction in the areas you MUST address when building a part time or full time income.

Coverage is extensive, including:- research options -- the roadblocks you may encounter in your endeavors -- production of your marketing collateral -- establishing your online operations -- building your list -- understanding life time value -- and securing the right staff and external contractors.

It's goal is to help you understand, implement and improve the processes required for generating the flow of money you seek...

It distills more than 60 years combined experience from...


Joe McAleer - a former VP Marketing Bank of America (17 years), a former President of Encore Marketing (travel and leisure programs), and the former Founder and President of one of Asia's leading advertising agencies and today provides consulting services to groups within Asia.

Joe has developed and managed marketing and business development programs which have generated BILLIONS in revenue.


George Notaras - An experienced direct marketer who has worked with many of the largest direct marketing company's in Australia including launching Australia's biggest direct marketer globally; delivered services to major publishing houses across Asia; and assisted several large North American marketers establish a global presence.

George was actively marketing the Internet way back in 1983 (through Ausinet - the Australian Information Network), co-authored his first training product (Marketing on the Information Superhighway) in 1996, and established Wealth Traders in 2003, a service which has already assisted many thousands of individuals and companies worldwide.

In other words, this program gives you access to the collective experience of two people who: have delivered solutions to a diverse range of companies -- are familiar with ALL the mediums (i.e. not just the Internet) -- and have real life experience working and living in multiple countries.

The Internet is only ONE of the mediums
covered by this program...

The Real World Marketer comprises 47 Guides featuring 372 Tips and Strategies which take you from A-Z on everything you need to be doing in order to develop and execute a PLAN that will work for you regardless of whether you are operating ONLINE or OFFLINE.

The focus is on integration ... because, for anyone other than a pure Internet-related business, it is the ONLY way to reach your market properly.

Even Internet Marketers can benefit from this as offline marketing can often signifciantly boost whatever you do online.

We are a niche publication and advertisers come to us because of the unique opportunity to target upscale readers we provide. Your recommendation that marketers need to be focused on a multi-dimensional marketing mix is spot on. Well done!
-- Chris Hanrahan, Managing Editor, Prestige Magazine

Whilst the emphasis is on making money, this program also provides many tips on SAVING money, tips which both experienced and newbie business owners will find invaluable.

Here are some of the Guides available to you...

    • Setting Your Price Points For Maximum Profitability
    • Identifying Your “Go-to-Market” Options And Strategies
    • Incorporating Lifetime Value Into Your Strategies and Plan
    • Five Strategies For Gaining An Edge Over Your Competition
    • Converting A Niche Into A Fresh Market
    • Four Keys To Establishing Your Business In A Fresh Market
    • Establishing Your Online Presence
    • Payment Processing Considerations
    • Controlling your Mail, Web, Print and Advertising Costs
    • Managing Your Risk … And Profits
    • Protecting Your Assets … And Cash Flow
    • Ten Ways to Multiply Your Marketing Returns
    • Tips For Establishing Partnerships and Joint Ventures
    • Applying A Microscopic View To Your Targeting

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Business direction at your fingertips 24/7

All Real World Marketer Guides are available ONLINE 24/7 so that no matter where you are, you can quickly login and get direction from the relevant Guide.

Each is accessible via a simple menu structure so you can get to it quickly. For example...

If you are looking to boost your income, then you need to know about functions such as this PLUS the information conveyed in all the other Guides!

Some of the Guides are short whilst others stretch out across 15+ printed pages (small font so 30+ pages if in normal eBook format).

Collectively, there's more direction provided across these 47 Guides than many business coaching programs which sell for $500 or more. Of course, you won't be paying anthing like this when you purchase One Stop Business Coach.

If you called in a Business Coach and they allocated an average of one hour to each of the 47 areas covered by this program at a cost of $100 per hour, then the whole exercise would cost you $4,700.

This is a smart alternative ... and it's only ONE part of this unique product!

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