Fill In Any Gaps With This Extensive Resource Library

Product: Wealth Traders "Resource Library"
Format: Audio, Video, Ebooks, Software & Special Extras

Value: US$251

Whilst the core programs in One Stop Business Coach are jam packed with tips, strategies and advice, they don't cover everything you will need to boost your income.

Many of the gaps are addressed by a wide range of support resources within the One stop Business Coach Member Area.:

These include:

Part 1: Protect Yourself And Your Business With These
Essential Business Agreements

Value: $50

One of the most important functions in business is that every agreement you enter into is documented so that there are no surprises further down the track. Hand shakes may suffice in some instances. However, a formal agreement is far more valuable and should be pursued in as many cases as possible.

Included in the One Stop Business Coach "Member Area" are twenty-seven (27) standard agreements which you may require at certain points:-

  • Heads of Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements
  • Employment Contracts
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Software and List Licensing Agreements
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Statement

Some of these Agreements / Statements MUST be included on any website you create.

With this Library, you will save time - and maybe some legal fees!

Part 2: Build Your Sales Skills

Product: The Art Of Selling

The Art of Selling

To achieve the success you desire, you more than likely will need an appreciation of sales techniques or some honing of your own sales skills. - to negotiate Joint Ventures, contracts etc.

The Art of Selling, a classic from 1938 which Napoleon Hill (Author of Think and Grow Rich) described as "The best sales manual, apart from my own, that I have ever read" is a timeless classic which every small and home-based business owner should read.

This is an eBook of this classic. It is presented in a "storyline" style quite different to what modern courses use, a style which will give you a terrific appreciation of selling without the usual hype.

Part 3: Expand Your Knowledge In Specific Areas

Product/s: Forty (45) eBooks / eCourses and Special Reports PLUS
8 audio files, and 20 videos (Value: $144)

Trawling the Internet looking for information is a time consumimng and hence expensive process. To save you time, your One Stop Business Coach Resource Library includes an additional 68 eBooks, video and audio files, including:

  • Exclusive Special Report: "Keys To Successful Risk Management."

  • eBook Library: A selection of eBooks containing information which you can apply to both your ONLINE and OFFLINE marketing needs, including the products listed above.

  • Video and Audio training: Includes the Google hangouts product listed below.

This set of resources is there at your figertips whenever you have a need without having to pay extra or spend time looking.

Google Hangouts mastery

Part 4: Test New Ideas And Options

Product/s: Templates and Software (Value: $54)

Email Newsletters PLUS various software tools and scripts.

This collection will save you trawling the Internet looking for solutions.

As a One Stop Business Coach Member, you will get automatic access to all additions to this Resource Library!

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