All products featured on this website that are sourced from third partes utilize the following product selection criteria:

  • The provider must be able to demonstrate a commitment to their business … and their clients. This includes focus on key functions such as customer service, refund requests, etc.
  • The providers sales materials must not make false claims. This particularly applies to business opportunity and investment offers which state – for example – “you will make $xxxx return in the next 20 days”. Even with a money back guarantee, We do not want to be associated with such claims.
  • The base product / service within any offer must have a proven track record – either online or offline. We are particularly favorable to working with individuals / groups who have an offline business as the associated costs are inherently much higher than online which, in our view, is a further demonstration that they have a commitment to their business and customers.
  • The authors of training related campaigns actually have the experience and credibility to provide what is claimed in their sales materials. We do not promote products / services which have been quickly compiled to produce short term returns, as is the case with many of the eBooks and get-rich-quick promotions floating around the Internet. We believe that value and substance always win out, even if the short term returns are not as great! (As they say, you get what you pay for!)

These product selection criteria also apply to Private Label Rights (PLR) products as we look at the promoters track record before proceeding with acquisition of such rights.
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