"Are You Making This Huge Mistake
In Your Affiliate Marketing Business?"

You might be sabotaging your marketing efforts because you refuse (or don't know) to do one little action that can return huge benefits.


Dear fellow marketer,

Before you leave home do you prop the door open, tape up signs pointing the way to the TV, jewelry, and stereo? Then stand a big ol' sign in the yard that says, "Rob Me!" before you head off for work?

That would be just braindead, right?

Okay, this may hurt, but I'm going to ask it anyway...

Are you doing the same thing with your affiliate links?

Let me explain what I mean... You promote someone's product as an affiliate and send out a link to your list, you put a link in your blog, maybe you use one in your sig line in a forum message. Then you wait for people to click.

But according to tests that have been done, do you know what's happening to maybe THIRTY PERCENT of your links?

Someone is clicking (yay!) -- but before they do, they're stripping your affiliate ID from it!

Yes, I'm telling you the honest truth! It sounds stupid (and it is stupid), but some people strip affiliate IDs for different reasons:

1. They don't want to feel like they're being "sold" on something.

2. They're jealous that you could get a commission if they buy.

3. They're just mean-spirited people who don't want anyone else to get ahead.

Those people are out there and they ARE stripping the IDs from your affiliate links. Unless you're taking the quick and easy precaution I'm going to tell you about.

Wait, There's One Other Kind
Of Insanely Despicable Person

This is even worse than the people I just talked about.

There's also the person, probably an affiliate marketer themself, who sees an interesting link but before clicking it, they remove your ID...

...and put their own ID in place so they can try and get a discount on the product! They are stealing from you, and they are stealing from the merchant (after all, the commission is given to reward a sale being made, and this person just stole that away from you!).

How many sales are you making each month? Use this calculator to see how much you're being ripped off:

Monthly Affiliate Income:
Percentage of stolen clicks:
  - 30%
This may be stolen from you EVERY month!

In general, for every $100 per month you make as an affiliate, someone is ripping you off for $30 more! Added over a year that's $360 that righfully belongs to you!

And what if you've worked to reach a higher level and usually bring in $1,000 per month? Your loss is at $3,600 per year! That's insane!

It's like the old joke...

"Doctor, My Arm Hurts When I Do This."
"Well, Don't Do That."

Losing money like that just sucks -- you have a better use for it than the low-life who's ripping your affiliate ID from your link. Now you can do something about it...

...that's ethical...

...that's easy...

...and that is proven to make a difference, and that's to...

Cloak Your Links!
(Keep reading even if you think you know about link cloakers
because what you don't know WILL hurt you!)

Serious internet marketers know that making your affiliate links look "normal" increases the number of people who click them - and decreases the number of people who will delete YOUR affiliate ID!

Are YOU serious about your business?

This is what happens when you cloak a link -- it starts out long and ugly, and turns into a nice, short, friendly-looking URL.

Which URL would you rather click?



Both of those links can lead to the same place, the Five Golden Money Rules campaign within the Wealth Traders affiliate program, but the second URL is much more "clickable" -- it's just better looking.

Not only that, but notice there's no apparent affiliate ID. In fact, just by looking at it there's no way to know whether that link will take you to a review of the product, the download page, sales page, etc.

It's totally cloaked!

That's What Cloak and Tracker Does For You

In minutes all of your affiliate links can be cloaked. The Cloak and Tracker software works on Windows and Macintosh computers and the redirect scripts work on almost any server that runs PHP (just about everything these days).

The main screen in Cloak and Tracker

Can you point and click and type? Then you have all the skills needed to make Cloak and Tracker work for you. And if you're a little nervous, don't worry, a PDF document and several video tutorials (38 minutes worth!) are available to walk you through the process. (Watching the tutorial videos are all most people will need to get going.)

Which Links Are People Clicking On?

Putting up affiliate links to promote a product is one thing, but how do you know which links are being clicked? If you're paying for links, such as using PPC or ezine ads, that info is vital. And even if you're using free traffic sources...

...don't you want to know where you should be spending most of your time?

Let me give you a real-life scenario to explain how Cloak and Tracker can help you find out who's clicking on your links.

Here's the Cloak and Tracker-generated link for an example product:


You've decided to advertise in an ezine, run some pay-per-click advertising, and add a sig line to your posts in a popular forum. Here's all you do to keep track of your advertising...

...think of a "tracking token" that will identify each market you advertise in (in fact, even each advertisement in each market, if you want) and tack that onto the end of the redirect URL. Those might look like this:




What's cool about Cloak and Tracker is that when you have tracking turned on, every time someone clicks one of your links, that event is logged to a file -- yes, even the tracking token is recorded!

So at any time you can view the tracking data and see which products are getting the most action -- and which advertising methods are pulling in the most clicks!

See exactly which links are bringing in the traffic!

You can make up tracking tokens on the fly - no need to figure that out ahead of time. Use the same redirect link as always, but just make up a tracking token in an instant and add it to the end before using your link in emails, instant message chats, forums, etc.

Other Uses For Cloak and Tracker

Besides protecting your affiliate links from unethical crooks, Cloak and Tracker is great for putting links in ebooks. Sure you can use a regular affiliate link, but imagine this nightmare scenario...

You create a special report or ebook that includes an affiliate link to a product or service and then something changes -- maybe the company of the product you're promoting goes out of business, or maybe they drop their affiliate program.

Yikes! You're sunk! You have dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of copies of your ebook floating around and they all include a link that's no good.

Except, if you use Cloak and Tracker to create the links in your ebook, you can always change the redirect URL on the back-end. So if one company goes out of business, you just swap out the old URL for a new URL and you'll continue to make money from that link!

Jay Jennings

Just A Quick Aside

Just so you know who's behind Cloak and Tracker, the developer's name is Jay Jennings and he's a programmer who's been marketing online for a few years now -- full time since May of 2004.

He says his main focus is to create software products that help do a specific job and then package those tools up for others to use. So you know that if you buy one of his products it's a work-horse -- it's something he uses in his own business.



Take A Look At These Features

Cloak and Tracker was designed to be quick and easy to use! Here's a list of features that make it the right choice for your business...

Different profiles for different sets of links. Do you want to create redirect links using different servers? No problem! With Cloak and Tracker you can create multiple profiles with different links for each one. That will help your business stay organized.

Create tracking campaigns instantly. If you have a brainstorm while you're posting a message on a forum, you can include a link to your product with a brand new tracking token -- on-the-fly! Once you have a link set up in Cloak and Tracker, you can add different tracking tokens as fast as you can think of them.

Use any folder name for Cloak and Tracker files. You can put Cloak and Tracker in just about any folder you want on your web site, that way you can "customize" the link to help increase your click-through rate.

Add links in seconds. When you want to use a new link, enter it in the Cloak and Tracker form and in two clicks it's on your web server waiting to be clicked. It's so easy to add new links it won't slow down your workflow.

No MySQL database needed. Sure there are some nice reasons to use a database -- so Cloak and Tracker uses it on your desktop, where you don't have to do anything to make it work. On your server? No database is needed, so there's less work for you to do to get started.

See your tracking results with bar charts and line graphs. Some folks are "numbers people" but most of us like visual representation of data -- so pull up all your tracking data for each link in a bar chart to check the effectiveness of your campaigns. Drill down for even more information, all the way to the IP address of the person who clicked!

Create remote views for JV partners. Give an affiliate a cloaked link to use and let them add tracking tokens -- then point them to a password-protected page they can use to see which of their campaigns are doing the best. This added-value service can make your affiliates very happy!


This Is The Real Deal!

You can order right now with no risk because we always stand by what we sell. We'd rather give a refund than have an unsatisfied customer. That's why we offer a ONE YEAR money back guarantee!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will love what Cloak and Tracker can do for you or we'll refund every penny of your purchase. And you have a full YEAR to decide whether it's just a crush or real love!

Buy A Link Cloaker or Ad Tracker
Until You Read This

There are other tools available that appear to do more or less the same job, but there's a big difference once you look at the details. I'm not going to "bad mouth" anyone, but before you decide on one or the other, make sure the other choice matches up to Cloak and Tracker.

1. Cloak and Tracker can work on multiple web servers - as in dozens, or even hundreds if you want. There are some products out there that restrict you to just a SINGLE site. Who wants to be restricted like that?

2. Cloak and Tracker doesn't require you to give me the private login information to your site. That's highly confidential and nobody should be asking you for it.

3. Cloak and Tracker doesn't use unethical practices. If you're a "fly-by-night" character, that may be okay, but not for people who are building a solid business that will stand the test of time.

4. Cloak and Tracker doesn't require specialized server software. Do you have XYZ installed on your web server? Who the heck knows!

5. Cloak and Tracker doesn't require you to figure out how to create a MySQL database. You're a marketer, not a geek, you shouldn't have to mess with stuff like that.

6. Cloak and Tracker is not a hosted solution. You don't need to worry about someone's server going down when you run the software yourself -- and you don't have to worry about paying a monthly fee.

7. Cloak and Tracker gives you a way to let your JV partners see their data. That gives you an advantage over other people.

8. Cloak and Tracker shows you tracking data using bar and line charts. Most other cloaking software doesn't even do tracking, and those that do, just usually give you a string of numbers at which to look.

You may find some link cloakers/ad trackers that have some of those features, but Cloak and Tracker has the best combination of features with the fewest restrictions of anyone else currently on the market.

You Must Be Able To Cloak Your Links

Cloak and Tracker can do the job remarkably well, and here's maybe the best news...

...it's only $74.95 $27.00 and can be downloaded and put to use right now! Yep, you can buy it today, and start cloaking and tracking your links in minutes!

Are You Ready To Keep Affiliate Thieves At Bay?

Get Cloak and Tracker right now and you can have your links cloaked and being tracked in less than 30 minutes. And it'll only take you that long if you stop for dinner!

  Order online anytime - even at 3am in the morning!  


To your success!


George Notaras

P.S. - Notice the lack of bonuses? People tack on bonuses (usually worthless) to try and convince you to buy. But I believe that Cloak and Tracker speaks for itself and bribes aren't necessary. Go ahead and download it now!


System Requirements

Windows: 98, NT (4.0 or higher), 2000, XP

Macintosh: OS X 10.1 or higher

Web Server: PHP4 or higher

Copyright Jay Jennings 2007. All rights reserved.
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