Discover How A Single Piece Of Software Can Put More Money In Your Pocket Whether You're An Affiliate Marketer, Ebook Writer, Or Someone Who Markets on the Internet!"


Let's face it, the name of the marketing game is profits -- and whether you're promoting your own product, someone else's product as an affiliate, writing ebooks and info products, or doing PPC, ezine, or any other kind of marketing, then you should be giving very serious consideration to cloaking and tracking your links to help you save -- and MAKE -- a lot more money! 

Because of the importance of this function, we set about looking at various options ... for our own needs and also to recommend to our Affiliates / Partners.

There were four key criteria in our investigation...

  1. We wanted an option which allowed us to use our own name rather than someone else's brand. We didn't want to hide our links behind a cloud of anonymity like so many do on the Internet.
  2. We wanted control -- a solution that would be with us in 12 months, even 3 years time in case our links change. There are free options out there ... but how long will these stay free?
  3. We could apply tokens to our links ... so we could identify the EXACT source of every click thru.
  4. The solution could be applied across multiple websites at no extra cost.

Our choice:
the powerful and easy-to-use Cloak and Tracker software...

One simple operation can help affiliate marketers disguise their links. By doing that you'll sneak past most of the commission thieves and make more sales.
Create dynamic links in all of your web sites, ebooks and info products. That means you can quickly and easily make changes to where a link directs your customers and prospects -- even after your web site is up or your ebook and info product is in their hands!
Track the number of people who are clicking your links. Unique tracking tokens on your links will give you the ability to determine which advertising is doing you the most good and generating you profits.
Use Cloak and Tracker on as many web sites as you like. Whether you have 1 web site or 50 -- because there are fewer usage restrictions, you have more options to take advantage of the power and information Cloak and Tracker gives you.

Here's Your Chance To Discover How You
Can Use "Cloak And Tracker" To Your Maximum Benefit...

Select the overview which is of most interest to you -- or view all three if your business spans several categories ...

Option 1: Discover which of your advertising is most beneficial
Are you using PPC, ezine ads, list mailings, etc? Now you can easily track which one is doing the best job so you can allocate your marketing budget to those mediums which give you returns.

Option 2: How to keep thieves from stealing your commissions
If you don't cloak your links you may be losing 30% of your commissions!

Option 3: Use links in info products that can be changed dynamically.
There's now one less thing to worry about when creating a viral ebook.

To your success,


George Notaras

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