Now you can learn how to speak, read and write any
foreign language - FAST - using a dazzling new range
of mind tricks and memory techniques.

It is often said that we only use 10% of our brain's
potential. This new course shows you how to unleash the
other 90% - with astonishing results!

The new Breakthrough Language Learning course
will teach you in a single weekend . . .
New ways to improve your speaking ability in just a few days.
How to 'burn' hundreds of new words and phrases into your memory in one session and string them together to make yourself understood.
How to perfect your accent and talk like a native speaker using a simple 'brain training' technique.
A simple trick that can help a beginner keep a conversation going with a native speaker - even when you can't find the right words! This easy trick is highly effective as it 'forces' you to speak your target language!
How a clever language mind-map technique can help you to remember long lists of new vocabulary. This technique has been used for centuries but we have adapted it for language learning.
How to use 'alpha-brain rhythms' to subconsciously absorb a language. Just this one technique could dramatically accelerate your learning rate.
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An amazing technique for remembering grammar without using any conscious mental effort! This discovery - by an eminent language researcher, eliminates one of the most dreary aspects of learning a foreign language!
How to subconsciously 'scoop-up' hundreds of new words and phrases and retain them in your memory!
How to use your 'physical environment' as a way of remembering vocabulary. (It's worth buying the course just for this one technique!)
How to be a confident speaker and not get embarrassed when you make mistakes. These techniques are essential for beginners when speaking for the first time.
New ways to instantly recall the right words and phrases from your memory and use them in conversation.
The same techniques that Leonardo Da Vinci used to study Latin. You too could excel at learning languages without the aid of a teacher just like him!
Recommended by Leading Language Professionals
"This course will be of
enormous help to anyone
learning a new language"
Professor M.R. Kratke
Universities of Amsterdam and Berlin.
A distinguished academic translator and
acclaimed multi-linguist.
"Definitely makes learning
a language faster, easier
and much more fun!"
Christine Plard
Professional translator for pop stars
and politicians. Interpreter for
The European Parliament in Brussels.
Using these techniques and hundreds more contained in the
Breakthrough Language Learning course you can turbo-charge
your language skills in a single weekend!
Armed with these new skills you can learn French, Spanish,
Japanese - any language you like -

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Rachael - 24
Learning French
"My French
improved so much
after doing these
exercises. It switches
on your memory so
you never forget
what you learn"
Mark - 31
Learning Italian
"This course is a
great idea and it has
helped me learn
Italian faster than I
would ever have
believed. No more
memory lapses!"
Carole - 29
Learning Japanese
"The Breakthrough
method really does
work! It shows you
the right way to
learn. My Japanese
has improved
beyond belief"
IMAGINE visiting Paris in two weeks time, and ordering your breakfast,
in perfect French?

Or explaining to the police in Marbella, in perfect Spanish, where you left your
car insurance certificate?

Or telling your new customer in Frankfurt, in perfect German, that his order will
be delivered ahead of schedule.

Or telling your Italian boyfriend to 'get lost' - in Italian so good that he can't
resist a smile!

And imagine getting to this level of fluency in a few weeks, WITHOUT having to
spend months or years of hard work using old fashioned learning methods?

This is what the new Breakthrough Language Learning
course can do for you!
LEARNING a foreign language has suddenly been made a whole lot easier!
When you apply these revolutionary new learning methods to learning a language,
you can become a fluent speaker, in ANY language you choose, faster and
easier than ever before.

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Arthur - 75
Learning Italian
"I want to tell you
what a wonderful
help this course
has been. I have
noticed a huge
improvement, even in
my rusty old brain!"
Nadine - 28
Learning Spanish
"If you're trying to
learn a new language
do yourself a big
favour and get this
course. It will make
the whole experience
easier and fun!"
Tim - 64
Learning French
"I'm 64 years old
and I highly recom-
mend this course to
anybody, especially
my age or even older
who wants to learn
a new language"
A language course shows you WHAT to learn -
This course shows you HOW to learn!

It teaches you quick and simple ways to learn a language using unique
'brain training' and memory retention techniques.

Never before has such a clever array of language learning techniques been
assembled together in one easy-to-follow course. Every language student
should know these methods before they start the difficult task of mastering
a new language.

After all, you wouldn't think of servicing your car without first looking at the
service manual! It should be the same for learning a language.

Don't even THINK of trying to learn a new language without
using these remarkable and timesaving techniques!

Breakthrough Language Learning has been developed by a team of language
and memory training experts. It's jam-packed with highly effective 'brain training'
techniques, clever memory tricks and valuable short-cuts, all assembled into one course!

Forget the stress, frustration and hard slog associated with old fashioned
learning methods. Using this radical new system of language learning you
could be speaking, reading and writing in: French, Spanish, Italian, Thai,
Russian whatever language you may be learning in a fraction of the normal time.

Using these methods you can flash through any language, scooping up words
and phrases and 'burning' them into your memory for instant recall.

Everything you learn, using these techniques, will be easier to recall and use
in conversation in your target language.

This ground-breaking new method will show you how to 'open up' your natural
language learning ability and 'tap' into those hidden mental reserves (the 90%
you are probably not using now!) to master a new language.

It 'unlocks' the natural talent for learning
languages that you were born with!
Everybody has it!
Jane - 26
Learning German
"This course has
been like my
secret weapon!
I managed to learn
German to a
really high standard.
Thank you!"
Virginia - 72
Learning French
"I've learned more
French in the last
few weeks using
these methods than
I have in the last five
years! I definitely
recommend it"
David - 54
Learning Arabic
"The Breakthrough
method has helped me
to learn Arabic to quite
a high level. I would
not be speaking
Arabic now if it wasn't
for this course"
Why not RESTART learning a language?

If, in the past, you have tried, and failed, to master a foreign language, these
techniques will help you to succeed second time around. Don't let a bad experience at
school, or studying alone, put you off starting again. In this course we identify the
seven causes of language failure and show you how to overcome them!

It doesn't matter how old you are - 18 or 88 years old! You can easily master a
new language using these techniques. Just listen to two of our more mature students,
Arthur, age 76, who is learning Italian, and Virginia, age 72, who is learning French.
Both have been helped enormously by learning these techniques.

It doesn't matter what level you are currently at: beginner, intermediate
or advanced. These techniques are effective at all levels.

It doesn't matter how you are learning: teaching yourself, using audio tapes, CDs,
books, or attending classes. These techniques will turn you into a linguistic
pro in a few days.

Breakthrough Language Learning
It's highly effective! It's fun! And it works!
Sarah-Jane - 31
Learning Italian
"This course has
helped me progress
further than I could
ever have imagined. I
would recommend it
to anyone wishing to
learn a language"
Paul - 53
Learning Greek
"The memory training
sections have been
amazing. Using this
method you pick up
the language incredibly
fast and seem to retain
it in your memory"
Lauren - 24
Learning French
"You have got to do this
course to realise how
good it is! I did it in one
weekend and my French
improved immediately.
I would definitely say
that you learn faster"
And This Course Must Work For You
Or You Don't Pay a Penny!

We believe it is virtually impossible for you to use these new methods and not
dramatically accelerate your learning potential.
But if, for ANY reason, you find these methods don't work for you exactly as we
have said, then simply return this course within 56 days and we will return the
FULL purchase price to you.


Full version course PDF book and audio now only $35
Learn a language for nothing! FREE Confidential Report
shows you how to access 176 exclusive FREE language learning sites
run by schools, Governments and cultural organisations. Get this
report FREE when you buy the Breakthrough Language Learning course.

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