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Implementation Tools, Instant Website Content and Additional Training at your fingertips…  

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The Wealthtraders Resource Library gives you access to a variety of training and implementation tools for key areas which you will most likely need to address at some point.

This includes resources for copywriting, contracts, outsourcing and more.

The Library serves as an add-on to One Stop Business Coach (in total) and The Real World Marketer (in part).

However, some of it’s elements / products can be purchased separately (see links below) OR you can purchase the FULL library on it’s own at a significantly lower price.

Read on to learn more about the many additional resources you can have at your fingertips within minutes from now…

Implementation Tools

Resource Library - Business Agreements23 Essential Business Agreements at your fingertips.

Includes Non-Disclosure, Heads of Agreement, Joint Venture Agreements, Employment Agreements and much more. Provided in Word format for easy modification.

Value: $20.00

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Resource Library - Copywriting Tips and SamplesA collection of resources which provide direction and swipe files to help you with your copywritting. Includes:

  • 27 Articles on copywriting inside your Member Area
  • 3 eBooks including a swipe file with over 3,000 samples

Value $37.00

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Resource Library - PlannersA collection of Planners to help you get organised. Includes planners for:

  • Goals
  • Your Health
  • Gratitude
  • Productivity

Value: Not available separately

Resource Library - Templates

Various Templates

A variety of templates and styles to provide coding assistance and ideass. Includes:

  • Simple – and fast to implement – sales page templates
  • Forty Three (43) Newsletter Templates (non-responsive)
  • MasterCSS – styles for websites

Value: $10.00 (Not Available for separate purchase)

Ready-To-Go Content For Your Website

Resource Library - Offshore Outsourcing
Valuable insight into some of the issues you must take into consideration when outsourcing offshore. Delivered as an eCourse plus you get the full Report in Word format for easy implmenetation on your own website.
Word count – 4,509 words
Resource Library - Five Golden Money Rules
A short eCourse which walks you through five golden rules for making money.
Delivered as an eCourse plus you get the full Report in Word format for easy implmenetation on your own website.

Word count – 3,789


3 Blog Articles you can publish on your own Blog Immediately.

  • Common Character Traits Of A Winner
  • Setting Up A Virtual Team and Business
  • Why You Should Be Building Your OWN Business Rather Than Someone Else’s

Combined word count – 2,575

Value: US$27.00 (all three options available as a Bundle only)

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Additional Training / Know How

Multiple eBooks which walk you through what is needed to create a new generation business, marketing channels, strategies, and much more.
Value: $9.00

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Described by Napolean Hill as “The best book I have ever read other than my own”, this classic from 1938 walks you through basic sales skills which have never aged. Presented in a no-hype storyline style.As sales skills are essential in any business endeavor, this is one eBook you should make time to read.
Value: Not available for separate purchase

Learn how to get, trade and profit with digital currencies which many call “the money of the future”. Includes:

  • 57 page Training Guide
  • 22 page Special Report
  • Mindmap

Value: $9.00

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Resource Library - Audios
Marketing Audios
A collection of eight (8) short audios which walk you through different aspects of online and offline marketing.
Ideal to download and listen to when driving or exercising.
Value: Not available for separate purchase

Resource Library - eBooks

E-Book Library

There are thirty plus (30+) standalone eBooks in this Library.

Subject Categories: General Business and Marketing — Social Media — Internet Marketing — Network Marketing.

Value: $30.00 (Not Available for separate purchase)

Four ways to get access to this Resource Library…

The combined value of all of the above resources is US$135.00, a small investment for the depth they provide.

However, here are four ways in which you can get some or all of the above resources at a lower “overall” price:

  • You can get access to some of these resources separately via the links above.
  • You can get all the resources listed above in One Stop Business Coach. (This Resource Library is one-of-four modules in this broader product.)
  • Several of the above resources are also provided in The Real World Marketer
  • OR you can get access to the full Resource Library separately for a discounted price of…

ONLY US$135 US$67.00


The good news: As we add more resources to this library, you will get automatic access without paying anything extra.

Don’t delay, Get access to these great resources today…

To your success,

George Notaras

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