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Dear Friend,

This sales page template is simple in format yet very effective when attention grabbing graphics and strong copy are added as demonstrated on several of our sales pages / product overviews.

The page is RESPONSIVE - i.e. it will resize on different devices.

The responsiveness is facilitated via a script called Gridflair. We recommend you familiarize yourself with this as you can build "responsive" sales pages and complete websites without needing to master HTML5.

This and one other template are provided as a BONUS in several of our products.

Here are a few of the features of this page:

Color Scheme / Style
  • The CSS - custom.css - controls most of what happens on this page.

  • Page width is set at 800px. You can adjust this to whatever you want in the CSS.

  • The Sub-header above uses the h2 tag. (Ideally, only one h2 tag should be used on a page.)

  • The main headers used here utilize the h6 style tag. This can be modified in the CSS as well.

  • Borders, fonts and colors can be easily changed within the CSS.

  • There are only a small number of font options provided in the CSS to keep things simple. You can add as many more as you wish.

  • This has been prepared using Dreamweaver. It can be modified using other Editors and / or notepad.

Page Header

This is called in via a separate file - i.e. pageheader.php - using the following command:

<?php include 'pageheading.php'; ?>

When you change the Header there, it will be reflected on all support pages.

If you wish, you can simply remove this command in the header section at the top and place the image there directly.

Page Footer

This is called in via a separate file - pagefooter.php - using the following command:

<?php include 'pagefooter.php'; ?>

You can modify this as required.

Do it once and it will be applied on this plus the following pages:

  • disclaimer.php will need your Company Name added - i.e. if you choose to use this Disclaimer

  • privacy.php requires an appropriate Contact Us link

  • affiliates.php - requires copy to be added

  • support.php - requires copy as well

  • earnings.php - modify if you wish

Note: The footer links on this template all point to a sub-directory. You will need to modify these.

Script Includes

scriptincludes.php is the file where you place all your scripts - e.g. Google Analystics, Stat Counter, Share This, etc.

There is only one script included with this template - the Colorbox script for bring up small static images in a bigger window (click on image below):

Small Header

Note: When placing images on your page, it is advisable to set the maximum width and height for each image as follows:

<img src="../images/header-small.jpg" alt="Small Header" max-width="208" max-height="73">

Opt-in / Member Facilities
  • You can use external services such as Mailchimp or aWeber to add opt-in facilities.

  • Alternatively, simply set up a link which points to the opt-in facilities on another site (or your main site).

Format Options

The CSS includes the following highlight boxes - and more can be added:

(No width setting..)

(Width set at 50% and aligned in the center using <div align="center".)

(No width setting.)

(No width setting.)

Width set at 70% and aligned in the center using <div align="center">.)

The above can be edited in the CSS.

Order Area

This can be modified to whatever you like. It is kept simple here to get you started.

Whilst there are several ways to handle this - e.g. use of the DIV command or a table - the below utilizes a Gridflair cell so that you can see how this facility can be applied in different parts of a page.


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