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Attention: Social Media, Blog, Website and Offline Marketers

“Thousands Have This Priceless Gift – But Never Discover It”

Dear Friend,

Does the above headline look familiar?

Now I have to be honest – it is not original. In fact, it is one of the great direct marketing headlines from about 40 years ago, one of 47 Killer Headlines featured in this special training program.

I have used it here to demonstrate that I, like almost everyone who does any form of copywriting, occasionally draws inspiration from external sources.

This “golden oldie” also highlights two things about the art of copywriting:

  • Those who are good at  copywriting have a priceless gift, one that can help catapult your results / returns through the roof.
  • With a little practice, you will discover that copywriting is not that daunting and will be producing winning copy for your sales materials, website, Blog and social media in next to no time.

Copywriting Tips and Samples will help you achieve this through the following training and support resources:

Part 1: Base Training
Copywriting and Design Essentials
This collection of twenty seven (27) “online” articles walk you through the mindset and processes you need to write good copy, including a variety of design tips to ensure effective presentation.

Particular emphasis is placed on online – website and Blog – requirements. However, much of what is provided is suitable for any medium.

As highlighted in the Table of Contents, it also provides access to hundreds of successul copywriting samples, including the 47 Killer Headlines mentioned above, including an explanation of why they were successful.

This is a perfect starting point for newbies – and a great refresher to those who are already doing their own copywriting and design.

This collection of articles is provided online so that you always have access from anywhere.
Copywriting Tips and Samples Article Summary

Part 2: Ideas and Inspiration at Your Fingertips
Copywriting Tips and Samples Swipe File
Save time and effort in writing attention grabbing copy with the 3,000+ Samples in this 155 page Swipe File eBook.
These samples will help you with your…

  • Sales Pages
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Newspaper Ads
These are a small example of use as there are many more copywriting needs / areas covered as highlighted in the Table of Contents to the right.
Unlike the 47 Killer Headlines featured above, there is no explanation of why these Samples are widely used and / or work. Nonetheless, they are still a great way to get ideas / inspiration.
Part 3: More Support Resources and Training

Copywriting is one of those areas where you never stop learning. For this reason, Copywriting Tips and Samples also includes the following support resources:
Everyone acknowledges the importance of images in communicatuons. However, just as important is the use of color. This 62 page eBook will give you insight into making the right color selections in your design.
Providing additional training / perspectives on this area, this eBook-based training includes a 61 page Training guide supported by a Resource Cheat Sheet, Checklist, and Mindmap. It includes a section on SEO copywriting.
The training materials above highlight the use of bullets to make your copy more readable as well as to highlight key points. Included – to help you go forwards faster – is a file of 14 bullet and arrow options (varied colours and sizes).

As any marketer will tell you, your marketing / advertising copy can have a significant impact on the results you achieve.

In fact, quality copy has on many occasions catapulted promotions into the stratosphere – and that is why the quality copywriters are always in demand and command exceptional fees for their services, including in some cases a percentage of overall sales.

Because we appreciate the value of this area, we want to help as many people as possible to become better copywriters in their own right.

For this reason, Copywriting Tips and Samples is available for…

ONLY US$37.00

If you do any form of online, offline or social media marketing, then this small investment will deliver you value for many years to come.

So don’t delay. Get access to this special collection of copywriting training and support resources TODAY.

To your success,

George Notaras

P.S. By coming here and reading to this point, I imagine that you already appreciate the importance of copywriting and therefore look forward to welcoming you as a user of Copywriting Tips and Samples soon.