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General Information / Support Issues

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Technology Partners and Server Location

Our servers are located in Arizona, USA.

Our technology and service providers are located in: Australia – Philippines – Ukraine – and the USA. Each has been selected on a combination of the right technology for what we need and their support services.

Non-receipt of Instructions

Our fulfillment systems send out  member log-in details after you have ordered –without a miss. If there is a system problem we receive a notification. Likewise, if the mail cannot be delivered because of an incorrect email address, we receive a bounce-back notice. These normal “non delivery” notices alert us that there is a problem and therefore prompts us to respond.

If you have NOT received instructions from us relating to your purchase or a response to a request, the problem may be related to an ISP filter block or our email address has not been registered in your Address Book and therefore may be interpreted as Spam by your email client in which case it is delivered into your Spam folder.

To overcome potential problems, add support AT wealthtraders DOT com to your Address Book. This is our support address … PLUS the address from which we deliver all of our customer notices.


Download Problems

Below are some simple steps to address any downloading problems you may encounter: Below are some simple solutions which should address any downloading problems you encounter…

1.) Always SAVE the file to disk first and then open from there. Avoid opening a file with an application.

2.) Clear Your Cache: Browsers can get blockages in their cache (temporary files) and so if a file is not downloading correctly, you may need to clear your cache in order to proceed. After clearing your cache, it is best to re-start your browser. If this does not rectify the problem, you may like to re-start your computer.

3.) (Temporarily Turn Off Firewall: Many firewalls have been set-up to prevent downloads of certain files, particularly .exe files. if this applies to you, you may need to turn off your firewall momentarily in order to proceed.

Please Note: Some ISP’s have inbuilt filters which prevent certain files types from being transferred through their system. If all of the above do not resolve your problem, you may like to speak to your ISP re a possible solution.

Alternatively, please Contact Us and we will explore alternative delivery approaches for you.

Acceptance of Check and Money Orders

We DO NOT accept money orders or checks because of mail loss risks (can happen anywhere in the world) and the delays associated with clearing these. Most of our products are downloadable and so you can be enjoying them immediately after purchase by transacting online.


Secure Credit Card Processing

Your transactions are undertaken on our USA-based server with payment details “securely” transferred through to Stripe or Paypal for approval.

We do not see or retain any card details on file. Those details are held securely by our payment processors.

Protect Yourself When Transacting Online

If you encounter any problems with ordering – on our or any other website – and need to re-submit, please limit your re-submissions to a maximum of THREE attempts. This is for your benefit – too many attempts and your transaction may get flagged as a “possible fraud” by your card issuer which could cause a total blockage on your card.

Know How To Be Rich - FAQ's

The following are the questions many users ask:

1.) Where Do I find “The Advanced Formula For Total Success”?

Beyond Positive Thinking was the original title of The Advanced Formula For Total Success.

Dr. Anthony went back to using the original title, updated the book and added a new chapter. A copy of Beyond Positive Thinking is part of the “Know How To Be Rich” Package

2.) The Intention Activator will not run on my Mac?  This program was developed for a Windows environment. It is NOT Mac compatible.

On-the-Ground Presence in the Philippines

During the 1990’s many leading international direct marketers established operations centers in Manila because of low costs and its central positioning in Asia.

During the past decade, thousands of companies have embraced these benefits and today, the Philippines is one of the major outsourcing centers in the world, employing close to 1.3 million people and projected to generate some $30 Billion in revenues by the end of 2022.

There’s a vibrancy in operating in an environment with so much activity and companies constantly exploring options to reduce costs through offshore outsourcing.

As a user of these outsourcing services both when based in the Philippines for over 15 years and since then, this allows us to assist others with their outsourcing needs.

Note: Our offshoring services are delivered predominantly guidance oriented with recommendations to deal direct with on-the-ground presence in Manila.

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