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Modification/s to Content Website

The objective of this website is to give you ready content which you can have on your site in minutes, not to win awards. As a result, we have deliberately kept the design and features as simple as possible.

The websites presentation is driven by the custom.css file and the Gridflair script which facilitates the responsiveness (resize to different devices) of the pages. We recommend you read the Gridflair tutorials - it's a very easy system to use and does NOT require HTML5 coding knowledge.

You can modify this website with a commercial website editor such as Dreamweaver or FREE editors such as Blue Griffon and Notepad++

Required Modifications

If you are happy to use the website as is, the only modifications you need to make are as below.

The changes listed below can be made using Notepad rather than a HTML editor. When making a modification, save the original under a different name so you can always wind back if you need to.

  • Website Colors, Fonts, and more - the content website is controlled by the custom.css file. Change the colors, font sizes, and any other visual modifications you require in this file and it will apply acoss the website. For example: Change the font to whatever size you wish on each entry. With colors, simply change - from #49a5e6 to another color - all occurances in custom.css to what you require.

h2 {font-size: 22px;
color: #49a5e6;
padding: 0;
margin: 0; }

  • Logo - replace the existing logo (<img src="images/header-logo-mtt-content-website.png" alt="Logo" border="0" /> with your own in pageheading.php, save the file, and upload to your site. The logo can be any size you wish. The current logo has a 60px height. Ideally, your logo's background should be transparent if you decide to stay with a colored background.

  • Site Background - a number of alternative backgrounds are included in the images directory. Simply choose one of those and modify the following in custom.css. If you refer, import / load up an alternative background image and use that instead.

body {font:normal 59% sans-serif,verdana,arial,serif;
background-color: ;

If you prefer to use a background color instead, close off the image call in as follows */ background-image:url(images/backgrounds/Back-2.gif); */ and place a color in the background-color call in
- e.g. background-color: #ffffff;

  • Google Translate - the call-in sits within pageheading.php. If you do not want this facility, simply remove <?php include_once "googletranslate.php"; ?> on this page. If you decide to retain, login to your Google Account and get the code for this facility specific to your site and replace the existing code in googletranslate.php.

  • Top Navigation - this can be changed to whatever you wish / require in topnav.php. This utilizes Gridflair so that the menu resizes on different screens. If you want a background color for your menu, then go to the custom.css and modify the following to include a color:

nav { background-color:         ;
padding:0; }

  • Footer - replace Your Business with your own name in the pagefooter.php file, save the modified file, and upload to your site. Each entry looks as follows: <a href="about.php"><font color=#2497da>About</font></a>&nbsp; | &nbsp; Simply modify this with the "href" pointing to the actual page location and replace "About" with the page title it applies to. You can also modify the color here as well.

  • Contact Page - add your contact information at contact.php, save the modified file, and upload to your site.

  • Disclaimer - you will need to add your name at the top of disclaimer.php, save the modified file, and upload to your site.

  • About - add in information about yourself at about.php, save the modified file, and upload to your site.

  • Scripts - scriptincludes.php is where you need to place your Googles Analytics, Stat Counter, and other scripts. This file is called in towards the bottom of each page. The script for the "Share This" social media icons is already there. You should set up your own account at and replace the existing script.

Please Note: Each page calls in the following: <?php include_once 'meta_header.php'; ?> at the very top of the page. This is the script which interfaces with the database so that Affiliates links are updated (with your ID) and your Contact form operates correctly. Do NOT tamper with this as the above functions will not automatically update / work if you remove or change.

Customization and Expansion

Several templates are included in the content website to get you started on adding further pages - see the Sitemap in the Content Website for links. A one column format works best in a responsive mode so use that if your page has some substance.

An alternative to using the templates is to pick one of the existing pages, modify it, save under a new name and upload.

NOTE: There are NO drag and drop facilities with this tool as is the case with many web-based services. We avoid such services, preferring instead to use a process which can be hosted ANYWHERE as you are not locked into a specific / proprietary web building tool which in some cases cannot be ported elsewhere.

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Content Website Requirements

  • Your Own Domain
  • Hosting Account
  • mySQL Database
  • HTML Editor
  • FTP Client

If you are not comfortable in installing - and modifying - the website, then you may like to outsource the function - locally or offshore. Contact us if you require a referral to an offshore specialist familiar with Gridflair.