More Than Templates

License Terms


  • The Articles included in the content website must ALWAYS acknowledge the author / source.

  • You can use the Content Website as a base for building a custom website. When doing so, you MUST retain at least one of the monetized offers on the custom site OR have a link back to Wealth Traders - e.g. the More Than Templates footer link.

  • If you are a USA-based resident, we recommend you acknowledge you are a Wealth Traders Affiliate on materials published in accordance wth FTC regulations.


[YES] Can be used on multiple "personal" websites / blogs
Can be used on YOUR COMPANY website 
[NO] Can be used on "paid" web development projects - you MUST purchase a copy of this product for each client.

Content Website:

[YES] Can brand, modify, and expand as you wish
[YES] Can add your own and 3rd party / external content
[YES] Can publish all pages or a selection of pages on multiple "personal" websites
[YES] Use Wealth Traders Affiliate Program for monetization options

[NO] Cannot be given away
[NO] Cannot be offered as a bonus on a paid or free product
[NO] Cannot sell Resale Rights
Cannot sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Cannot sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Cannot be added to free or paid Membership Sites
[NO] Cannot be added to Dime Sales, Auction Sites or Giveaways
[NO] Cannot be utilized as a base for building Templates / Content Websites which will be sold or given away

Bulk License:

Contact Us if you wish to discuss bulk licensing.

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How You SAVE ...

** When you account for everything - i.e. copy, graphics, implementation and your personal time - each additional page of content you add to your website can cost you $100+.

** Modifying an existing website and content is much easier and faster than starting from scratch.

Content Website Requirements

  • Your Own Domain
  • Hosting Account
  • mySQL Database
  • Notepad or a HTML Editor
  • FTP Client