Business Training / Coaching

The following “self-paced” training / coaching products include:

  1. Contributions from multiple authors / experts

  2. Implementation tools so you can TAKE ACTION on what you learn 

Primary Business Training Products

Establish a solid foundation for success with this program. Includes:

  • Know How To Be Rich
  • The Real World Marketer
  • Variety of Support Resources
  • Buyers Advantage Program

Suitable for both new startups and established businesses.

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This unique program provides advice and direction on the best way to establish an outsourcing operation in the Philippines. includes:

  • Twenty three (23) “How To” Guides
  • Offshoring Connect – recommended outsourcing agencies
  • Manila Assist – tips on visiting Manila
  • Buyers Advantage Program

This program will help you save thousands of dollars!

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Real World Marketer

An inclusion in “One Stop Business Coach”, this powerful BUSINESS COACHING program includes: 

  • 47 Guides providing 372 Tips, Tricks and Strategies
  • Essential Business Agreements
  • Access to our extensive eBook Library

 Suitable for both Online and Offline operations,

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 More Training and Business Support Resources

logoRev up your business and income with this powerful collection of money making and saving tools. Includes:

  • One Stop Business Coach
  • More Than Templates (See Internet Tools)
  • Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy
  • Buyers Advantage Program

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Entrepreneur Disruption

Walks you through what is needed to create a new generation business, marketing channels, strategies, and much more.

Includes multiple eBooks: – Training Guide, Checklist, Mindmap and Resources Guide.

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Offshoring Connect
Recommended outsourcing agencies, in  the Philippines and elsewhere, for a variety of back office functions. Includes:

  • List of 17 multi-national outsourcing groups with operations in the Philippines
  • Overviews on specialist service providers in 18 different categories. 

Included in Outsourcing to the Philippines made easy.

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A collection of twenty seven (27) Business Agreements which can be easily edited to suit your specific needs.Includes draft agreements for:

  • Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality
  • Employment
  • Heads of Agreement
  • Joint Venture
  • List Rental, and more

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Learn how to get, trade and profit with Bitcoin and other digital currencies which many call “the money of the future”.


  • 57 page Training Guide
  • 22 page Special Report
  • Mindmap

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Featured in One Stop Business Coach and Money Making Essentials , our Resource Library provides access to a host of support materials, including:

  • Software, Templates and Web Scripts
  • 45 x eBooks / Special reports
  • 27 Essential Business Agreements
  • Various audio and video-based training resources

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Products From Third Parties We Recommend
bumper book

Bumper Book of Real Estate Ads is a huge collection of real estate ads to help those who prepare these types of ads come up with presentation ideas and formats for different properties you may be marketing. This collection will give you time saving “inspiration” for creating ads which sell.

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