One Stop Business Coach

Are you planning to contract a digital marketing specialist or call in a business coach? 

Well STOP because this is where you need to start…

Training, Guidance and Tools you need to build and grow your online presence and income
This special program will help you…

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    Develop A Success Mindset And Positive Habits

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    Build A Winning Plan

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    Create Money Making Strategies

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    Expand Your Know-How And Skills

One Stop Business Coach

From the desk of: George Notaras

Dear Friend,

The reason I said STOP above is that, as in any endeavor, your success as you go forwards will be determined by your – or your staffs – personal, technical and commercial knowledge and skills so this is where you should always start.

Now, when it comes to online marketing, there are a diverse range of areas to consider.

In  fact, to get – and stay – on top of everything, you and / or your staff will most likely need to undertake some form of training at some point. That doesn’t mean you need to get a college or university degree. In fact, most online / digital training today can be undertaken at home or in your office.

For a small one-time investment, ONE STOP BUSINESS COACH provides a simple – and comprehensive – way to achieve this!

This special product gives you…

  • A personal and staff training resource you can use over and over again at no extra cost.
  • A planning resource to help you develop – and implement – successful money making strategies.
  • A review tool you can come back to as often as you wish, particularly when you hit a roadblock and aren’t sure what is missing or what to do next.

One Stop Business Coach brings several of the valuable training and implementation resources featured on this website into one package to give you – and / or your staff – a holistic approach to building and expanding your know-how and skills … at a FRACTION of the cost of contracting a digital marketing specialist or business coach.

Here’s what you can have at your fingertips in minutes from now…

As you read through the following, you will note that each of the resources outlined below is available separately … OR you can buy the entire bundle at a hugely discounted rate here.

PART 1: Develop A Success Mindset And Positive Habits

One Stop Business Coach - Personal Growth made easy
Building and growing a business online or offline needs a winning  mindset and discipline in areas such as goal setting, time management and personal organization.

Therefore, whilst these are not “online” specific, this is an area you can not overlook. In fact, you need to make sure your mindset and habits are geared for success before you start in other areas.

As it addresses many aspects in this area, I have included Personal Growth made easy in One Stop Business Coach so that you have a broad “self-improvement” training resource at your fingertips.

This product gives you access to:

One Stop Business Coach - eBook Training

eBook-based “Mini Courses”  The nine (9) eBook-based Mini Courses in this collection are each valued at between US$7.00 to US$9.00.

Each contains a Training Guide, Cheat Sheet, Resource List and Mindmap. They include:

  • Mindset Transformation
  • Getting Back Time
  • Make it Happen
  • Organized Mind
  • Success Habits
  • Success Motivated Mindset
  • Overcome Excuses
  • Choose To Lead
  • The Warrior Mindset

Value: $69.00

One Stop Business Coach - Daring to Dare

Discover How To Embrace Risk

There’s a risk in almost everything we do in life and business is no different.

This Special Report will help you embrace risk as an opportunity rather than a constraint.


  • 22 page eBook
  • 37 Minute Audio

Value: $27.00

Procrastination Killer PRO

Procrastination is the bane of so many people. This video-based course gives you strategies for killing off procrastination and finally getting things done FAST. Includes:

  • 8 Videos – 49 minutes in total
  • 3 eBooks (Training Guide, Cheat Sheets, Mindmap)

VALUE: US$27 US$17.00

Learn More

As with all the components in One Stop Business Coach, you can BUY Personal Growth made easy on it’s own if this is all you feel you need.

Value: US$113.00

Your Price: US$67.00

Review “Personal Growth made easy”

PART 2: Build A Winning Plan

One Stop Business Coach - The Real World Marketer
Twenty years ago, direct response marketing was something which only mail order traders and large corporations practiced.

Today, almost every business is utilizing direct marketing business and marketing principles — through the email newsletters and promotions we send out, in social media postings, and through our websites’ eCommerce capabilities.

The Real World Marketer is a very special program, one which walks you through how to set up and operate a direct response-based business both online and offline.

Developed by myself in conjunction with a former VP Marketing, Bank of America, it explains the fundamentals of a direct response business across 47 Guides which feature 372 “time tested and proven” tips, techniques and strategies you NEED to know and apply in your business.

These Guides are segmented into four (4) categories:

  • Prepare for Success
    Nine Guides – Key Steps To Starting Your Business On A Winning Note
  • Planning and Strategies
    Eighteen Guides – Essentials When Building Your Plan and Strategies
  • Putting Your Plan Into Action
    Seventeen Guides – “Go-To-Market” Action Items and Strategies
  • Resources 
    Multiple Guides – Affiliate Marketing and Online Promotion – to help you get started

Unlike most programs which cover only online marketing, The Real World Marketer covers multiple mediums as, even in today’s wired world, other mediums – e.g. off-the-page advertising, direct mail, radio, seminars, conferences, etc – should not be overlooked. (Many successful online businesses utilize a mix of online and offline advertising channels. In some cases, Seminars and Conferences serve as their primary lead generation channels.)

This program is delivered online so that you can login in at anytime from anywhere to get ideas or check / review you are covering all key areas as you go forward.

Programs as big and comprehensive such as this are typically selling for $300 or more. The Real World Marketer is available for much less.

When purchased separately, it comes with a couple of great add-ons which extend the training even further. These add-ons are available through our Resource Library (see Part 4 below).

Value: US$197.00

Your Price: US$117.00

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PART 3: Create Money Making Strategies

One Stop Business Coach - Money Making Essentials
Whilst a success mindset, good habits, and an understanding of direct response marketing are all crucial, the money end of an online business comes down to how well you understand and utilize the business models and marketing channels available to you online – and there’s a plethora of them to choose from.

As you need to start somewhere, Money Making Essentials provides training resources for the following primary business and marketing models / channels:

Commission Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing Training (20 x Videos)

Resellers / distributors serve as the primary sales channel for many offline businesses. Affiliate Marketing is essentially an online version of that process. It can help you drive sales of your own products PLUS give you additional income streams by marketing other peoples products.

Commission Blueprint 2.0 is a collection of twenty (20) Video Tutorials which walk you through everything you need to know to skyrocket your Affiliate Marketing campaigns. (Download to your hard drive.)

Value: US$37.00


Subscription Business Model (21 x Videos)

There is nothing better than recurring income which is why you now find many software houses adopting the SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) business model which uses a subscription model.  By understanding subscription systems, you too can create recurring monthly or yearly income in your business as well.

Continuity Mastery 2.0 is a collection of twenty-one  (21) Video Tutorials which walk you through how to set-up recurring payment memberships sites. (Download to your hard drive.)

Value: US$37.00

Social Media Marketing (6 x Mini Courses)

Facebook Marketing PRO includes six (6) mini courses, each comprising a Training Guide, Cheat Sheet, Resource List and Mindmap

  • Three (3) Facebook programs – Facebook Marketing, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Remarketing
  • Instagram Marketing 2.0 Made Easy
  • Social Media Marketing Principles
  • Facebook Live Marketing

Value: US$66 $37.00

Key Marketing Channels / Options (3 x Mini Courses)

These eBook-based “Mini Courses” will help you master some of the key marketing channels / options available on the Internet.

Each includes a Training Guide, Cheat Sheet, Resource List and Mindmap.

Value: Each mini course is priced at US$9.95.

There are further marketing channels to consider. However, the above will get you started.

You can buy one or more of the products listed above separately (see links)) … OR you can get them all for a low one-time cost of…

Value: US$140.85

Your Price: US$87.00

Review “Money Making Essentials”

PART #4: Expand Your Know-How and Skills

One Stop Business Coach Resource LibraryWhilst each of the above provide a comprehensive learning experience, there are a plethora of additional requirements, skill sets and knowledge that you will most likely need to address at some point.

Our Resource Library addresses this by providing access to a range of ancillary resources as listed below.

Some of these are included in the products listed above if you purchase them separately.

Implementation Resources

** Included in The Real World Marketer when purchased separately


Additional Training

  • Special Report: 7 Keys to Successful Offshore Outsourcing
  • Special Report: Five Golden Money Rules **
  • Entrepreneur Disruption (Mini Course)
  • The Art of Selling (eBook of a 1938 classic)
  • Crypto Currency Secrets (Mini Course)
  • Marketing Tips – Audios
  • eBook Library (30 x eBooks)

You will most likely want to use some of these resources immediately – e.g. Copywriting Tips and Samples – whilst the others are there for when you are ready.

The combined value of all these resources is US$135.

The resources in this library cost from US$9.97 to US$37. Many are available for separate purchase (see links above) should you only need one or two of them.

Or you can purchase the complete Resource Library for a one-time low cost of…

Value: US$135.00

Your Price: US$67.00

Review “Resource Library”

Is This Product For You?

One Stop Business Coach is a big product and quite possibly may be the only training investment you need to make in the next 12 months.

Of course, it’s suitability depends on your circumstances…

  • If you have staff and need a training resource which can be used over and over again, then this is perfect for you.
  • If you are just starting out, then the full product will help you develop the know-how for going forwards on a step-by-step basis at a fraction of the cost of buying all the training products you need and / or calling in a consultant.
  • If you are already active online and have specific / limited needs, then you may like to get only those products – or individual components therein – you need.

The combined value of all the components in the four (4) products outlined above is US$585.85.

You can get each of these four products one-at-a-time at discounted prices. The cost for all of them when purchased this way is US$338 which in itself represents great buying.

However, you don’t have to pay that much when you buy them in one of the following “bundles”…

OSBC Mindset & Planning

  • Personal Growth made easy
    (A $67 Value)
  • The Real World Marketer
    (A $117 Value)

OSBC Strategies & Resources

  • -
  • -
  • Money Making Essentials
    (A $87 Value)
  • Resource Library
    (A $67 Value)

OSBC Full Product

  • Personal Growth made easy
    (A $67 Value)
  • The Real World Marketer
    (A $117 Value)
  • Money Making Essentials
    (A $87 Value)
  • Resource Library
    (A $67 Value)

Our normal “discounted” price for the FULL Product is US$247. The above price of US$197 for the FULL PRODUCT is available for a limited time.

So don’t delay, get access to One Stop Business Coach at this diiscounted price TODAY!


To Your Success

George Notaras,

P.S. For years, individuals and companies have built and maintained “physical” in-house libraries of training resources. One Stop Business Coach provides a “digital” alternative at an incredibly low price. Grab it TODAY!

  • As part of your subscription, you will get automatic access to all additions / updates to each of these products at NO extra cost.
  • Access details will be sent from support AT immediately after your purchase is approved. Order now and you could start using this powerful collection of resources within minutes.