The following self improvement / personal development programs are “starting points” for building your business and personal results.

Some of these products are also available (as inclusions) in the Business Training products we provide.

Featured Product


Get multiple eBook-based personal growth training products at a hugely discounted price.

All comprise MULTIPLE eBooks including Training Guide, Cheat Sheet, Resource Guide and Mindmap.

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Audio Training


Discover the ONLY sure fire way to achieve whatever you want by mastering the Law of Attraction.


  • Dr Robert Anthony’s KNOW HOW TO BE RICH audio course
  • Dr. Robert Anthony’s Total Success Library
  • Wealth Traders eBook Library

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Discover the dazzling mind tricks and memory techniques needed to speak any new / foreign language FAST!

eBook Training

The following – plus more – are all included in Personal Growth Resource Library.

Most include a Training Guide, Cheat Sheet, Resource Guide and Mindmap except those marked with

**  comprise video training in liew of a Resource Guide

*** No Resource Guide

Personal Transformation Mastery
Transformation Mastery: A complete 10 part step-by-step plan to transform your life and become a better you

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Getting Back Time 200 x 180Getting Back Time: Learn how to design a more productive lifestyle and have more free time

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Make It HappenMake It Happen: Learn how to fulfill all your goals so you can start living the life of your dreams

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success habitsSuccess Habits: Redefine success, break free from bad habits, and achieve your full potential

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Mindset TransformationMindset Transformation: Discover a simple way to shift your mindset to attract anything you want in life, anytime you want

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The Organized MindThe Organized Mind: Step-by-step system for overcoming information overload and always staying organized

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** Procrastination Killer: Strategies for killing off procrastination and finally getting things done FAST. (Includes Video training)

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Lifestyle, Health and Wellness


The Minimalist Lifestyle: Provides a simple step-by-step plan on how to un-clutter your life so you can be happier and achieve more

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Insomniac*** Insomniac: Effective night routine habits and healthy lifestyle change for better quality sleep

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