All orders processed through will appear on your credit card statement under the name of the payment processor used for the transaction.

In some cases, these orders may appear on your statement under the name of WT-Services or Wealth Traders Ltd.

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Secure Ordering

Our website operates within a fully secure environment. All information you provide is fully encrypted via a 128 but SSL Certificate for safety purposes.

Our Payment Processors have stringent “Anti-Fraud” facilities built into their ordering system for your protection. These are not visible … but they are applied to every transaction.

For your added security, any financial information you provide is NOT conveyed to us. As a result, we DO NOT maintain your financial information on our servers.

Order Completion

Your order is not complete UNTIL you receive a confirmation Receipt online from our payment processor.

Your Credit Card is not charged until this “Receipt” appears. A copy of this online Receipt is emailed to you by our payment processor. Please retain this for your records.

Order Delivery

If you order a digitally delivered product / service (e.g. eBooks, Mp3’s, software), your download link/s will be sent from within 1 minute of order acceptance.

Please whitelist this in your Address Book to ensure receipt of both our confirmation receipt and your download instructions.

These notices go out without a miss.

If you haven’t added the above to your Address Book, our notices may go to your Junk Mail folder so please check in there. Also, some ISP’s delay delivery of these emails … and / or their filters block them completely if you haven’t whitelisted us in your address book. ISP-induced problems are out of our control but fortunately, these instances are rare.

If you encounter any undue delays (more than 15 minutes), please Contact Us. We’ll ensure you GET what you paid for.

If you order a CD-based program please allow 14 days for delivery. Your order will be delivered on a door-to-door basis so we can track and verify delivery.

Problem Ordering?

Most buyers are able to process their order successfully first time.

If you encounter any problems with ordering and need to re-submit, please limit your re-submissions to a maximum of three attempts. This is for your benefit – too many attempts and your transaction may get flagged as a “possible fraud” which could cause a total blockage on your card.

Please Contact Us if you encounter any difficulties.

If you have a VALID credit card and you encounter a problem, it may be related to any of the following…

1.) You have entered your details incorrectly. Please try again … and ensure the following are correct:

All fields with an “asterisk”  must be completed.

  • Your Name and Address MUST match the details on your Credit Card Statement
  • Your Credit Card must be entered with no spaces
  • Your Expiry date must be entered
  • Your CVV number must be entered

2.) Delay in transmission of your data to our payment processor. You will identify this when the system immobilizes. It is rare but when it does happen, you will need to re-enter your information and submit your order again. Your order is not completed until an online Receipt appears!


All products offered through Wealth Traders and the companies we work with come with a Money Back Guarantee as detailed in the specific offer. Please Contact Us If you are not satisfied with your purchase and require a refund under the guarantee offered.

When you purchase, approval is instantaneous. However, it can take 7-10 working days before our payment processor actually receives funds from your financial institution as they deal on a cross border basis. The same can apply with Refunds – so please allow 7-10 working days for the refund to appear back in your account.