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Outsourcing CONNECT gives you an easy way to identify and connect with PROVEN “offshore” service providers … companies and contractors we have used plus a few companies which colleagues have used and speak highly of.

Many of the service providers featured in this program focus on back office functions which require dedicated staff . Some are also available for smaller one-time requirements.Outsourcing – onshore or offshore – is a business function we all have to consider at some point to reduce business operating expenses plus free up your time for other functions.

The savings you can achieve by working with the companies in this directory can be significant – often an average of 40% for large requirements, and sometimes up to 70% on small one time functions. It is why thousands of companies are now outsourcing to the Philippines and many more are currently looking to do the same.

Service providers featured in Outsourcing Connect have been segmented into two lists:

LIST #1: “Multinational” Service Providers

  • Contains ONLY service providers where we know (or have met) managers and / or operations staff within their Philippines operations.
  • This list comprises companies who handle big accounts such as: Comcast – Microsoft — Direct TV – Telstra – Barclays – Citibank — US Airways — Serious XM – Optus – Verizon – Sprint – Dell — AT&T – Zynga — Frontier.
  • These multinational service providers are included in a single list with a link to their website so you can learn more.
  • There are seventeen (17) companies on this list. Each of them has operations in multiple locations around the world

LIST #2: Smaller “SPECIALIST” Service Providers and Tier 1 Contractors

  • Contains predominantly companies we have personally dealt with plus a few which our clients and friends use or speak highly of who meet our selection criteria.
  • Focus is on specialists with a PROVEN TRACK HISTORY.
  • Featured companies / contractors are presented within Categories as listed below. Each Category includes an introduction which explains key points you should consider. There are 18 categories within the program, each featured in a separate list.
  • Many of the businesses included in these lists are very low key, driven solely by referrals. In some cases, you will not hear of or find them elsewhere.
  • Focus is on service providers in the Philippines although “specialists” based in the USA, Europe.and Australia are also included as in some categories, you will want to work with Tier 1 providers regardless of price.
  • Only companies and contractors who are reliable, offer continuity, are responsive, and have a healthy approach to the delivery of service have been included in our listings. Companies which do not meet these criteria – and there are many – have NOT been included in this summary.
  • BPO’s and Call Centers involve DEDICATED STAFF. The other categories listed above are Premium providers and contractors who, in many cases, will consider one-off requirements
  • As some service providers cover multiple functions, they are listed in multiple categories / lists
  • Coverage is broad so that when you have a need in a new / additional area, you know who to contact
The categories listed include:

  • Company Set Up (Philippines specific)
  • BPO’s and Call Centers (Dedicated Staff) – multiple disciples including Accounting, Virtual Assistant, Financial, IT, Technical Staff, Support Seervices, Offline Campaign, and ign and Lead Generation specialists
  • Copywriting
  • Content Services
  • Logistics
  • SEO / SEM and Social Media Marketing
  • Venues for Meetings and Presentations (Philippines specific)
  • Visual Media – Animation, Video, Documentaries, Commercials, and Short Movies
  • Website Development, Graphic Design and Mobile Apps
  • and more…

Each service provider overview includes contact points so you can get a DIRECT dialogue going with them.

NOTE: We are not a Broker and will not receive any return on your dealings with any of the service providers in this program. Our return is limited to your purchase of this program.

With LIST #2, a detailed overview – including contact details – on each featured service provider is provided:


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VenuesOutsourcing Connect - Pineapple Lab

NOTE: We are not a Broker and will not receive any return on your dealings with any of the service providers in this program. Our return is limited to your purchase of this program.

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