FAQs – Affiliate Program

23-faqBelow are frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our Affiliate Program.

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Do I need a website?
Whilst our application form requires a website to be nominated, a website is NOT required at all. We have several successful Affiliates who market through traditional channels rather than online.
Are there any limitations on who you accept as an Affiliate?
Our program is available to all Buyers of products through our store and / or companies and individuals we invite to join us. All other limitations are detailed in our Terms of Service.
Can I promote a single product only?
Many of our Affiliates promote one or two products only, whilst others promote several offers. The choice as to what you promote is yours! Our recommendation is to stick to those products which suit your reader / visitor base. Some of our products do have broad appeal and so they may warrant testing!
What is your SPAM Policy?
We require that all email campaigns are Can Spam compliant – i.e. full address and contact details are provided plus an unsubscribe link. Please review our Terms and Conditions for more details. If you Spam, your account will be automatically suspended and all commissions due will be withheld. [We use some sophisticated tools for identifying spam and have already terminated Affiliates who chose to pursue that line.]
How often do you pay your Affiliates?
We close each month off on the 4th of the following month and forward payments the 15th of the month. Payments are made by Paypal on amounts up to $2,000 and by wire transfer on amounts greater than $2,000.
How long does your tracking code remain active?
Our tracking system uses cookies which remain active for 365 days. When you select a link or banner from our Affiliate control panel, a code is automatically allocated so we can track it as being tied to you. This then forms the basis of our paying you commissions. Cookies are set so that the “last visited” cookie gets credit. This is the fairest process for allocating sales in the long term. 
How do I go about running an email campaign?
Copy for many of our offers is available within the program or upon request.For any Investment-related offers, we require that a suitable Disclaimer is placed at the bottom of each email campaign. We can provide a standard Disclaimer if required.
What is your policy on returns?
We offer from 30–180 day money back guarantees on most of our products. If one of your clients requests a return of monies, we will respond accordingly. The commissions payable to you will be adjusted. We run sales statuses in our reporting and so any refunds are marked accordingly. 
How do I know when sales have been made?
A notification is automatically sent to you through email whenever a sale is recorded. You can check your account status at any time by logging into your Affiliate management console and checking your current commissions online.
Which is the best marketing collateral to use?
We provide multiple link and banner options as these must fit in and have impact with your web site. It’s up to you as to which you feel works best for you. Our tracking software provides you with detailed statistics on each banner / text link / text ad you use and so you will quickly get a feel for what works best for you.
Can I produce my own customized banners and copy?
Yes you can but as a matter of courtesy and to avoid any problems, it is always best to convey a copy to us for approval.
Can I add my own tracking link onto yours to measure the effectiveness of my advertising?
Yes. Contact us and we’ll walk you through the process for doing this. 
How does your 2nd Tier program work?
We pay a 10% commission on the commissions earned by your 2nd Tier. Therefore, if the commission due to your 2nd Tier is 50%, you earn 5% of the total sales price. 2nd Tier commissions are calculated at month end and so will not appear in your earnings until that time.
Do you have a Helpdesk I can contact when needed?
You can submit any requirements you have through the form on our Contact Us page. We aim to respond to all requests received within 24 hours.
What fraud controls do you have in place?
Our Payment processor is Paypal and so their fraud protection procedures apply.

Additional manual checks are also applied.

Will you run a special program for me?
Yes. It depends on your marketing plan and volumes involved.
What are your product selection criteria?

We actually have quite a few…

We are not into featuring hundreds of offers. FOCUS is more important to us.

  • Fundamentally, the old adage of “healthy wealthy and wise” applies to all of our featured offers. It does not matter if someone inherits wealth — creates their own wealth – or wins wealth. Everyone wants to create more wealth — and once they have it, they want to build further … and enjoy it. Only products / services related to any of these areas are featured in Wealth Traders.
  • Our content partners must be able to demonstrate a commitment to their business … and their clients. There is no point in promoting a product or service where the content partner does not fulfill and meet customer expectations when it comes to general customer service, refund requests, etc.
  • The content partners sales materials must not make false claims. This particularly applies to investment offers which state (for example) “you will make $xxxx return in the next 20 days”. Even with a money back guarantee, we prefer not to be associated with such claims.
  • The base product / service within any offer must have a proven track record – either online or offline. In fact, we like Advertisers who have an offline business as the associated costs are inherently much higher than online and so this is a further demonstration of their commitment to their business.
  • The authors of training related campaigns actually have the experience and credibility to provide what is claimed in their sales materials. We do not promote products / services which have been quickly compiled to produce short term returns, as is the case with many of the get-rich-quick promotions floating around the Internet. We believe that value and substance always win out, even if the short term returns are not as great. After all, it is our and your reputation that is on the line whenever one of our offers is put in front of your customers / visitors.
  • Our content partner has the means to be able to pay our Affiliates. We do not guarantee that this will always happen – refer to our Terms and Conditions for our policy in this regard. However, we have worked with all of our “current” content partners for quite some time and therefore know their track history in this area. The fact that most offers are handled through our own shopping cart means the onus for payment is on us, rather than our partners.