Refund Policy

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedWe appreciate that sometimes your circumstances may change and / or you have a change of mind about a purchase.

For this reason, when you purchase a product from us, you are covered by a no questions asked Money Back Guarantee. (The “guarantee” period varies from product to product.)

How Refunds are handled:

  • We issue a full refund of your total transaction value LESS 5% to cover the processing cost we incurred on your initial transaction so that we are not out of pocket.
  •   Refunds in most cases will take approximately 7 working days to re-appear back in your account. This timeframe is subject to inter-bank transfers and may vary upwards or downwards.

Buyer Advantage “Wholesale Price” purchases:

Even though this program is similar in many ways to a normal distributorship and so refunds are often not possible, this program is different and refunds are possible.

However, before seeking a refund, we recommend that you seek to on-sell your purchase as it gives you a way to profit whereas a refund does not. This is outlined in more detail within your Member Area.