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for you, your staff, and clients
… at a fraction of the price

Available in a small selection of our products (see below), Buyers Advantage is a special BENEFITS PROGRAM designed to give you a simple way to boost your knowledge and capabilities without having to pay full price.

There are two components to this program:

PART #1:   Purchase additional products at 40% – 50% of the normal price

With Buyers Advantage, you can purchase additional products from our portfolio without having to pay full price. Now you can achieve this – in part anyway – simply by using your Affiliate link.

However, some of the products featured on this website are NOT included in our Affiliate Program … and quite frankly, having to wait for your affiliate commissions to be paid means less money in your pocket until you get paid.

With Buyers Advantage, you can buy any product listed below at “wholesale” price. By doing so, YOUR SAVINGS ARE IMMEDIATE! 

Easy to use (no technical know-how required):

  • Simply login to your Member Area, go to Buyers Advantage and click on the order link for the product you wish to purchase.
  • Place your order and within minutes you will have access to your purchase in your Member Area.

You Can:

  • Purchase additional products for personal use or for others … at “wholesale” price. There are NO affiliate links involved. The savings are immediate.
  • On-sell your purchase.  The difference between your buy price and sell price is all yours.
  • Use any of our products as an incentive or value-add.
  • There’s no stock to carry. Purchase only when you have a need.
  • Use this program over and over again. There are no limits.



PART #2:   Special deals from 3rd parties

These are special offers which we have negotiated on behalf of our clients.


FREE Holidays:

Well, the accommodation component of your holiday is FREE.

This special offer gives you a 7 night stay at one of three premier resorts in Phuket, Thailand which would normally cost you US$1,000 or more.

Availability is limited and qualifications apply. Full details are in your Member Area.

 bumper book

Real Estate Advertising Tips:

A special eBook with hundreds of sample real estate adverts to help you create ads.

A special 40% off discount coupon is provided.

So what does Buyers Advantage cost?

Buyers Advantage is similar to many VIP Club Memberships which cost $197.00 per annum or more.  

However, we take a different position by providing access to this special program as a BENEFIT to buyers of select products at NO EXTRA COST 

Products which provide access to Buyers Advantage include (click on the image to learn more):

One Stop Business Coach Special
 Money Making Essentials